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March 19, 2020

Message from our co-founders, Karin and Sheila

We know that these times are extremely stressful for all. Understandably most of us are experiencing fear and trying to make personal and financial decisions within a rapidly changing environment. We are monitoring the situation very closely and feel encouraged by what’s happening in China with the dramatic reduction in new COVID-19 cases. Our governments, businesses and citizens are also responding with swift and dramatic action to address the threats to our health and economic well-being.



The current crisis will eventually end and while it may take time for the stock market and the economy to recover, the world will survive and eventually thrive. This is not the end. As humans, we are being called on to reach inside and find inner strength and resilience and to respond to the crisis with as much patience, love, empathy, kindness as we can for our leaders, medical personnel, front-line service workers and each other.

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About You

Do you earn a good income but wonder why you're not doing better financially? As an entrepreneur or small business owner, do you struggle with managing an increasingly complex cash flow? Or maybe you’re established financially, but don't have the time or expertise necessary to navigate some of life's more complex money challenges. We can help.

A Money Coach will assist in clarifying your goals, and designing a tailored plan that addresses your most pressing financial concerns and opportunities. For some, it's about reducing debt, spending smarter and becoming more proactive financially. And for others, it involves taking a structured, informed approach to navigating one of life's many complex transitions, like going through a divorce, planning for retirement or receiving an inheritance.

If you're like one of our 3,000 clients, you want independent, unbiased advice. You seek clarity, and to be in control. Empowerment. Peace of mind. You want the confidence that comes with making sound financial decisions and making steady progress towards your goals.

If that sounds about right, welcome to Money Coaches Canada.

About Money Coaches Canada

Money Coaches Canada is the nation's leading provider of advice-only financial planning and money coaching. We are a national brand that clients recognize and trust. Since 2010, we've guided over 3,000 clients to achieve a level of financial contentment they never thought possible – helping them reduce debt, improve cash flow, save, invest and plan for both short and long term goals.

The Money Coaches Canada team brings a range of credentials, work experience and professional styles. Coaches are located nationwide but are never bound by their geographic location. They work with clients either in person or using teleconferences and on-line meeting tools.

You can pick the coach that's right for you, or we can make a recommendation.


Satisfied Clients

Since 2010, we've helped over 3,000 clients achieve a level of financial fulfilment they never thought possible.


Unbiased Advice

Our sole interest is the financial success of our clients — we do not sell investments, insurance or financial products.


Proven Process

Our 7 Stages of Financial Well-Being® helps clients focus on the right things at the right time.


Local & Risk Free

With 20+ Money Coaches across Canada, professional, advice-only financial planning is within reach. And your initial consultation is complimentary.

Our Services

Money Coaching

Achieve financial clarity, reduce debt, improve cash flow and move forward with confidence. Start living the life you want with the income you have. It’s all within reach – with a Money Coach by your side.

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Financial and Retirement Planning

Experience the liberating feeling that comes with being prepared. A financial plan is like a map, helping you navigate life’s many transitions and arrive at the kind of retirement you’ve earned. A Financial and Retirement Planning Coach is your guide.

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Investment Report Card™

Is your financial future worth an unbiased second opinion? Of course it is! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve invested wisely. Your Investment Coach will assess your investments, answer your questions, address your concerns, and put you on the best path forward.

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What's New

Decluttering your Money and Taking Control

Decluttering your Money and Taking Control

Week 7 of the lockdown. Unlike some of my friends and family, I haven’t taken up baking, crafting or the ukulele, but I am following the news more than ever. A bit obsessively, I must admit. I keep hoping with every article I read to find the facts or insights that will predict the impact that COVID-19 will have on our clients, our coaches, our business and on the whole concept of long range planning.

Nope, the future isn’t clear yet. And, I know I’m not the only one who finds this stressful.

With so much out of our control, I have found that focusing on small organizing tasks that I get a sense of completion and satisfaction from, like reorganizing my bookshelf, doing the dishes, deadheading flowers, is helping me stay grounded.

Here are a few financial tasks that you might want to check off your list during the next few weeks.

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Sheila Walkinton
Sheila Walkington, BBA, CFP®
Co-Founder and CFO
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Karin Mizgala
Karin Mizgala, BA Psyc, MBA, CFP®
Co-Founder and CEO
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  • We want to thank Steve for his incredible help with setting us up with a sound financial plan that we will be able to continue to follow for years to come. With his professional, caring, and understanding approach, Steve got to know us so that he could help us to set up a plan that was personalized to our goals.

    – Laura & Carl

  • For several years, my wife and I made repeated attempts to devise a strategy for managing our finances. It seemed we were constantly modifying our plans to accommodate our inability to meet our own goals. Hiring Christine has since proven to be the best financial decision we have made to date.

    – M & L Stevenson

  • I received an inheritance and was feeling lots of stress and pressure to invest it wisely. I didn’t have a retirement plan and the uncertainty was weighing on me. Since working with Annie, I feel much more relaxed, confident and in control of my finances. She listened and everything was tailored towards me. I now have a retirement plan, a road map and know I can retire.

    – S McKenzie, Burnaby

  • Dealing with finances day-to-day was absolutely agonizing, even the smallest decisions about money were incredibly painful. Working with Noel has definitely helped our family feel more in control of our finances, and consequently, our lives. After getting our finances sorted out amidst a number of other big life changes, we feel like anything is possible. The value far exceeded what we hoped. We’re beyond grateful for the plan to get ourselves on track.

    – Nick H.

  • We were frustrated and confused. We knew our income was good but couldn’t wrap our heads around why we weren’t making any head way. Tom was great! Considering our priorities forced us to face our spending issues and work together to get back on track. We finally saw our debt reducing and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was probably the best financial decision we have ever made. Definitely strengthened our marriage.

    – Jennifer N & Gareth L, Edmonton AB