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Highly Recommend

Prior to meeting Ivy, we were unsure if we could retire comfortably and felt a lot of anxiety around our finances. Ivy gave us the peace of mind in knowing that our retirement goals were achievable. She helped us develop a plan so we could see exactly what we needed to do to accomplish our dream retirement. Ivy’s guidance really provided us with the motivation and clarity to make confident financial decisions. Highly recommend!

– Mary G.


Confidence and Return on Investment

Having inherited money that would be added to existing savings and investments, I was feeling a lack of confidence around upcoming financial decisions and understanding how these would impact our retirement goals. I wanted to avoid feeling like “I wish I’d known that” in future years.

Val’s impressive in-meeting communications and professional expertise have increased our awareness of both our over-arching financial landscape as well as the interconnecting details. She accommodated and navigated varying viewpoints and goals sensitively and respectfully.

She instinctively recognized my need for a high level of detail and provided more than expected, ensuring all aspects were thoroughly addressed and confirming understanding as we went along.

The retirement plan developed, including details around tax strategies, provides confidence as well as simplicity for us to implement.

I am confident that this investment will return many-fold through the tax, pension and investment strategies that Val has presented. We very much enjoyed working with Val and would recommend her services without hesitation.

– Shelley S.


Independent expert – well worth the cost

It was important to us to work with an independent fee for service company to develop a retirement income plan. Daniel was instrumental in working with us to provide reassurance that we can proceed with our plans. He provided detailed information on the retirement income plan that identified the source and method for withdrawal in a tax efficient manner. After working with Daniel, we are confident to move forward with retirement and have peace of mind regarding our finances. We see the benefits of a comprehensive financial plan for any stage. e.g., saving for a home, reducing debt/maximizing savings or retirement planning. There is no question that the investment of a professional expert like Daniel to prepare a customized retirement income plan is well worth the cost.

– Monica & Mike S


Easy to Understand, Client Focused
Janet saved my financial life. She explains everything in easy-to-understand language and helps you to reach your financial goals. Janet has all the best qualities of a professional financial advisor: she’s thoughtful, methodical, empathetic, personable and client focused. I trust Janet’s advice implicitly and would recommend her to anyone looking for a financial coach. She’s the best money coach around!
– Marc B.


Incredibly Knowledgeable

Ivy’s warm and non-judgemental personality really helped put us at ease. She’s an amazing listener and her empathetic style allowed us to be really honest about our goals and fears. Ivy is also incredibly knowledgeable and taught us so much about practical finances that I wish we had known sooner. We now have a clear sense of our finances and a plan on how to stay on track to meet our goals. Extremely professional and great service!

– Carol J.


Clarity on my business and personal finances

I started with no knowledge at all, and my finances were feeling very chaotic. Val helped to clarify so much for me and created a system I can use to organize my business and personal finances and plan for any future uncertainty. I also have a retirement plan, which I didn’t have before, and I feel more confident that I will be able to reach my goals.

Val has been amazing, I’m so grateful that it was her who walked me through this process. Very responsive, supportive, non-judgemental, and knowledgeable. She was also able to teach me things I have tried to learn in the past but had not been able to “grasp”.

As a self-employed individual, I would recommend investing in Money Coaching services to others running their own businesses.

– Carly P.


Investment Report Card – Clears Confusion

I was determined to take time to understand my investments, something I had never done before. The Investment Report Card was my starting point which cleared away the confusion. I carefully studied the report, writing down questions to ask my coach, Daniel Evans, during our 1 hour conference. I came away from that meeting with helpful suggestions and a plan for my next steps. Daniel taught me a lot about my money and I felt comfortable with the entire process. I’m very satisfied that I decided to do this!

– Norma


Making Our Current and Future Dreams a Reality
We want to thank Steve for his incredible help with setting us up with a sound financial plan that we will be able to continue to follow for years to come. Steve helped us to begin making our current and future dreams a reality. With his professional, caring, and understanding approach, Steve got to know us so that he could help us to set up a plan that was personalized to our goals. He helped to simplify the process of how we can make our money work for us so that we are able to afford and save for the things that are important. Steve we want to thank you for all of your time, patience, and effort. We look forward to a bright financial future and being able to participate in all of our many adventures to come!
– Laura & Carl


Sound and Honest Professional Advice
What we most liked about Janet’s advice is that she provided us with sound and honest professional advice based on our circumstances. At no time did we feel she was trying to “sell us” anything but guidance in managing our financial affairs.
– Dale and Denis L.


The Struggle is Over
For several years, my wife and I made repeated attempts to devise a strategy for managing our finances. It seemed we were constantly modifying our plans to accommodate our inability to meet our own goals. Hiring Christine has since proven to be the best financial decision we have made to date.

Christine’s ability to explain complex concepts in clear language, in combination with her empathetic nature and sound knowledge of money management, proved effective in helping us realize what is important to us, and provided us with a plan that was both realistic and satisfying. We highly recommend working with Christine to help realize your financial goals.
– M & L Stevenson


Retirement Income Planning

We felt uncertain regarding the decisions around timing of CPP, OAS, and our investment accounts. We wanted to make sure we were strategic with our withdrawals in retirement. Daniel did not judge our prior planning strategies. We especially appreciate the different scenarios provided and to see that there are several options and not just one perfect way.

– JK


Pursuing My Dreams with Confidence
I had arrived at a pivotal point in my life. I wanted to follow my dreams to switch careers and relocate but I didn’t know if I could afford to. Nick helped me analyze this complex decision and break it down into simple building blocks so that I could move forward with confidence. I am so grateful to Nick for providing me with clarity and as well giving me advice on my investment portfolio. He was a pleasure to work with and always very professional.

– Laurie, Toronto, ON


Empowered for the Future
Before working with Steve, my financial knowledge was minimal and my planning didn’t extend very far. Steve empowered me to plan for the future and to look beyond my month-to-month bills. Through his support and coaching, I was able to set (and achieve) goals like saving for a home, paying for my daughter’s education, and being able to retire financially secure.

Steve has increased my financial knowledge and motivated me to take action. I’m thankful for his help and patience, and for always having my best interests in mind. I highly recommend Steve and Money Coaches for financial planning.
– Cynthya


Looking For a Financial Planner I Could Trust
Prior to working with Annie I did not feel educated about my own financial situation. I was confused by the many organizations offering advice (banks, investment companies, group savings). I was unable to find neutral advice and thinking about my finances felt exhausting and frustrating. The financial plan that Annie put together addressed all of my questions and concerns. I have now clarified my financial options and educated myself on the important and fundamentals I need to manage my money on a daily basis. I’ve taken the time to think about future goals and I have an action plan to achieve them.

I am planning to work with Annie annually to review my goals and stay on track.
– Rebecca Holt, Sustainable Building Advisor


Transition Through Divorce
I felt like I didn’t have any idea about how to manage my money during my marital separation. I hadn’t had control of it for a number of years and the debt was overwhelming. Worrying about my financial situation was keeping me awake at night. I was embarrassed I had allowed the situation to get so bad. I was in tears the day I met my coach.

After working with Annie I feel that I have control, predictability and a spending/savings plan. I have pride in what I have accomplished and know that financially I will be ok. I can’t change the past but the future looks good. I have accumulated enough savings in a short time to deal with any unexpected setbacks in life. I am back on track with my finances and know I can make good decisions to get to my goals.
– Rita


No More Avoiding and Firefighting
Before meeting with Tom, I tended to avoid thinking about money and then found myself firefighting when the credit card came due. Tom took the time to get a clear picture of my lifestyle and spending pattern. He then helped me create a system that separates my pay cheque into compartments that match my spending and savings goals. I now feel better about managing money and am confident that my longer term goals can be achieved.
– Jim W., Calgary, AB


The Best Thing I Ever Did!
My time with Annie was more than financial coaching. It felt like support and encouragement at so many levels and she helped me through a difficult transition in my life. Overall, money coaching made the process of separation smoother, less stressful and helped me to see a happier future.

At first, I thought I couldn’t afford the fees and didn’t know what to expect. Because my money coach was flexible on the payment, we worked out what I could manage to pay each month. It truly was the best thing I ever did for myself!

I would call Annie in a heartbeat if I have any future financial needs. I have also referred friends and coworkers to the Money Coaches Canada website for their fantastic resources. What I most like is that there is no pressure to purchase a product. The service was purely to support my needs.
– Rita


Made it Through Maternity Leave
Before we started with Christine, we were barely making ends meet, living pay cheque to pay cheque. I worried how we would ever get through maternity leave with even less income. Amazingly, we stuck to the plan Christine helped us build and we have not had to dip into our line of credit since! Christine made it easy with her common sense approach. Now money doesn’t carry the same stress and we find it much easier to talk about.
– A. M., Toronto


Immigrating Back to Canada
Christine, thank you for showing us the light at the end of our tunnel. Having moved back to Canada after several years, we were clearly lost in managing our money flow in a new economy. Without hesitation, your advice and expertise have empowered and energized our family. We have a renewed sense of autonomy and feel like we are finally managing our money like adults!

I think everyone can benefit from a money-makeover. It is just too easy to get stuck in a rut or routine or poor habits; so I think a fresh look from professionals such as yourselves can provide the ‘a-ha’ moment. Thank you for your extreme patience and excellent service.
– Melanie M.


A Money Coach Made our Marriage Stronger!
We were frustrated and confused. We knew our income was good but couldn’t wrap our heads around why we weren’t making any head way. Tom was great! He implemented a plan that worked for us. Considering our priorities forced us to face our spending issues and work together to get back on track. We finally saw our debt reducing and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was probably the best financial decision we have ever made. Definitely strengthened our marriage.
– Jennifer N & Gareth L, Edmonton AB


Getting a Better Handle on Finances
While we weren’t in terrible shape, we were also not getting ahead too quickly. We needed help to get a better handle on our finances (savings, budgeting, investing). Now we have goals and a plan in place to meet our goals. The value we receive more than paid for the cost of our money coach, Barbara.
– Maryanne W.


Financial Clarity and Peace of Mind
Working with Nick was a pleasure and so beneficial. He helped me get control of my finances and provided me with a system to help me stay in control. Nick also gave me some great ideas to save money. I was able to pay off my credit card debt after a few months of working with Nick. He also did a thorough review of my insurance needs which gave me peace of mind. Now I feel much more confident about my finances.
– Sandra, Toronto, ON


Finally Feel Like I Am In Control of my Money
I was knee deep in credit card debt, and getting by paycheque to paycheque. I could only fantasize about beach vacations, and my spending was out of control. Sandra was able to help me better organize my money and has helped me on my way to becoming debt free. She put a system in place that will help me to optimize my income and even start saving for my future. I want to thank Sandra for her patience, her understanding, and her ability to adapt to all of the situations that changed while we were working together.

While I thought I would be scolded for my bad money habits, this was not the case. Sandra was incredibly warm and understanding, and compassionate to my financial woes. I finally feel like I am in control of my money, and I can’t wait to be out of debt, and stay that way!! I have recommended Sandra to family and friends, and will continue to do so. Sandra and Money Coaches Canada have changed my life.
– Katie Hoeber, Toronto, ON