Wish your money could stretch as far as your dreams? The Women’s Financial Learning Centre gives women the financial power to build the lives they aspire to live. Workshops, coaching and resources tackle the emotions that lead to financial inaction, replacing them with transformative knowledge and skills. Join a community of women who are doing more with their money, while confidently growing their financial wisdom.


Sheila & KarinThe Women’s Financial Learning Centre helps women take charge of their money so they can live more comfortable, balanced and meaningful lives. Created by Karin Mizgala and Sheila Walkington, the Women’s Financial Learning Centre offers a range of courses designed specifically to educate and empower women, helping them and their families reap the benefits of being financially confident and savvy.

“We offer independent, unbiased financial expertise in an enjoyable and engaging environment. We simplify the complex, and use everyday language to help women make the very most of the money they have.”


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