You Deserve Better

You Deserve Better

You work hard and understand how important an investment portfolio is to your financial well-being. But owning an investment portfolio isn’t enough.

The truth is this – most Canadians receive financial advice from commissioned salespeople that are paid to sell specific financial products and services.

You need investments that work for you. And only you. You deserve a review of your investment portfolio that’s independent, free of bias, and has only your best interests in mind. That’s why we created the On Your Side Investment Report Card™ service.

You Should Be In Control

You Should Be In Control

When it comes to money and your financial future, you need to be in control. You need honest answers to your investment questions.

Maybe you’re concerned that your investments aren’t performing as well as they could be, or that you’re paying too much in fees. Perhaps you want to be sure your investments are aligned with your values and life goals. Or possibly you have cash sitting in the bank because you’re afraid of the markets, and uncertain how to get started.

You want to protect and grow the money you have, but don’t have the time or investing knowledge necessary to make the best financial decisions. We can help.

Your First Move Should Be A Second Opinion

Your First Move Should Be A Second Opinion

With the On Your Side Investment Report Card service, you’ll find out if you are paying too much in fees, achieving appropriate returns, and whether your investments are well-suited to you and your unique circumstances. Implementing just one of The Investment Report Card’s recommendations could save you thousands of dollars and put you in the driver’s seat to financial independence.

Featuring an innovative scoring system, the Investment Report Card service will assess your investments in several areas, including:


Reduce investment costs

Find out how much you are really paying in fees, and understand your options to reduce investment costs


Get a clear picture of how your investments are performing, and uncover options to enhance returns


Ensure your investments are aligned with your values, goals and investor profile

Asset Allocation

Receive detailed recommendations on how to allocate your money amongst various asset classes, likes stocks and bonds

Asset Location

Receive expert advice on the most tax efficient ways to hold your investments – from options like RSP, TFSA and non-registered accounts

You Need An Easy-To-Understand Plan

You Need An Easy-To-Understand Plan

The On Your Side Investment Report Card service goes beyond an evaluation of your investments. It includes a straightforward action plan to implement our recommendations.

If you require help implementing any of our recommendations, we will introduce you to experienced investment managers – with reasonable, transparent fees – who can manage your portfolio for you. Remember, we don’t accept referral fees or commissions from anyone. These introductions – like everything we do – are always with your best interests in mind.

You Have A Right To Simple, Transparent Pricing

You Have A Right To Simple, Transparent Pricing

With traditional investment advisors, it’s notoriously difficult to figure out how much you are paying for advice. That’s not the case with the On Your Side Investment Report Card. Pricing(i) Pricing may be adjusted due to portfolio complexity or if additional research is required. is $2,000 for individuals and $3,000 for couples.

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Here’s How It Works

Once you’ve signed up, we will ask you to send us some information about your investments and answer a few questions. Then we do our part!

Most On Your Side Investment Reports are ready within three to four weeks. We’ll send you an email letting you know you can securely download your report and book your meeting with one of our investment coaches.

Together, we’ll review your report and explain everything in simple language and answer any questions you have. It’s that easy. To get started, just click on the button below.


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Money Coaches Canada is an independent, nationally respected organization known for its commitment to transparency and improving the financial well-being of clients. We offer unbiased advice, and never sell investments, insurance or financial products of any kind – avoiding a conflict of interest all too common in the industry.


Put Your Mind at Ease

Put Your Mind at Ease

Are you ready to have your investing concerns addressed and experience a newfound level of clarity?  Every day, we help investors like you worry less about their investments and move forward with confidence.

Learn more about how the Investment Report Card is helping Canadian investors.