Tax Preparation Checklist

Helping You Prepare for Tax Time

Here is the info you’ll need to gather:

Basic Info:

  • Name, birthday, social insurance number, marital status, province of residence
  • Notice of Assessment and last years tax return
  • If applicable, the above information for your spouse and dependants
  • Details related to tax installments paid during the last year
  • List of assets held outside of Canada


  • Child care expense receipts and Universal Child Care Benefit (RC 62)
  • Disability Tax Credit and attendant care expenses
  • Receipts for spousal support and adoption expenses
  • Tuition receipts (T2202A) for yourself or for your children
  • Charitable donation receipts and carry forward information
  • Political contribution receipts
  • Medical receipts (over the last 12 months ending in 2022)
  • Legal Expenses to collect alimony, pension or retiring allowance


  • RRSP contribution, RRSP Income and RRIF Income receipts
  • Investment income tax slips (T5)
  • Other investment income tax slips: Trusts (T3) and Partnerships (T5013)
  • Capital gains or losses related to investments (investment statements or T5008)
  • Documents relating to the sale of real estate to determine capital gains/losses
  • Information on investment counsel fees and carrying charges
  • Information on interest paid on money borrowed for investments
  • Information on previously filed tax elections
  • FHSA tax slips

Business and Rental Income:

  • Total of business income and expenses
  • Total of rental income and expenses
  • Home office expenses
  • Auto / travel expense receipts and related log book
  • Details on capital purchases (computers, office equipment)

Employment and Pension:

  • Employment income (T4) and employee profit sharing slips (T4PS)
  • Employment insurance slip (T4E)
  • Pension, retirement and annuities income slip (T4A)
  • Old Age Security (T4A-OAS) and CPP (T4AP) slips
  • Government slips for social assistance or workers compensation (T5007)
  • Professional and Union dues
  • Moving expenses

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