You Are in Good Company

In today’s hectic world, you probably have neither the time nor the expertise to successfully navigate the financial complexities of modern life. You need help making sense of it all, and would benefit from a comprehensive, thoughtful and personable approach to money matters.

If you’re like one of our clients, you are a well-paid professional with a six-figure family income – someone that values expert, independent advice that will move you closer to your life’s most important goals.

Get to Know Your Coach

Coaches with Money Coaches Canada are advice-only financial professionals that do not sell investments, insurance or financial products. They are experts whose sole interest is your financial well-being. A refreshingly independent, honest approach that’s rare in the world of personal finances.

If you are looking for transparent, commission-free advice that improves your financial well-being and helps you make super smart choices with your money, we’ve got just the coach and solution for you.

Money Coach

Financial and Retirement Planning Coach

Investment Report Card

If you earn a good income but find it difficult to get ahead financially, you need a Money Coach.

A Money Coach will help you gain clarity on your finances and give you greater confidence in your financial future.

Imagine achieving clarity on every financial aspect of your life, and having a plan that builds upon and protects your financial well-being

A Financial and Retirement Planning Coach will show you how to make sound financial decisions and successfully navigate life’s many transitions.

You work hard and understand how important an investment portfolio is to your financial well-being.

With the On Your Side Investment Report Card™, your Investment Coach will give you an unbiased, independent assessment of your investments, with a clear and easy-to-understand action plan.

Results You Can Expect

  • A financial plan to live the life you want with the income you have
  • Strategies to help you reduce debt, save and achieve your life’s goals
    Tips to develop sound spending habits
  • Better communication with your family about money
  • An ability to make smart, informed financial decisions
  • Peace of mind from having an independent financial professional in your corner

Results You Can Expect

  • A financial and retirement plan that aligns money matters with your values, goals and dreams
  • Retirement projections that show what you need to do to retire comfortably
  • An investment strategy suited to your goals and regularly monitored
  • Knowledge that you have the right insurance coverage for your family and that your estate plans are in place
  • Peace of mind from having an independent financial professional in your corner

Results You Can Expect

  • Uncover whether you are paying too much in fees and achieving appropriate returns
  • Find out if your investments are well-suited to you and your unique circumstances
  • Easy-to-understand recommendations so you can build a portfolio that truly serves your needs
  • Peace of mind from having an unbiased, independent second opinion on your investment portfolio and strategies

Typical Clients

Individuals and couples that earn a good income but are finding it difficult to get ahead financially. If you are unsure where all your money goes every month and have concerns about your financial future, a Money Coach will help.

Fees range from $3,000 to $6,000

Typical Clients

Financial Planning and Retirement Coaching clients, both individuals and couples, are looking to achieve clarity on every aspect of their financial lives and develop a plan that builds and protects their financial well-being.

Fees range from $4,000 to $10,000

Typical Clients

This service is for individuals and couples that want a second opinion of their investment portfolio that’s independent and free of bias.

Fees are $2,000 for Individuals and $3,000 for Couples