2024 Tax Information

BC Tax Information

$95,876to$110,076 31.00%
$110,077to$111,733 32.79%
$111,734to$133,664 38.29%
$252,753 and up53.50%

Ontario Tax Information

$15,706 to$18,06215.00%
$18,063 to$23,72625.10%
$246,753and up53.53%

For Combined Federal and Provincial tax rates in each province and territory, click here. This is a website from Ernst & Young that has great tax calculators for all provinces.

To calculate the refund you will get from an RSP contribution, check out this nifty RSP tax calculator from Ernst & Young.


CPP Maximum Pensionable Earnings$68,500
CPP Maximum Employee and Employer Contribution$3,867.50
CPP Maximum Self-Employed Contribution$7,735
EI Maximum Insurable Earnings$63,200
EI Maximum Employee Premium$1,049.12
EI Maximum Employer Premium$1,468.77