Establish Your Debt-Free Date

Click to DownloadHow do you establish a debt free date?
With our Money Coaches Debt Free Calculator.

It’s a fairly straight forward Excel document that will allow you to enable editing. You will need to fill in the yellow areas with your financial numbers (be sure to update the default start month and start year).

If you have credit cards with promotional rates for a certain period of time, the calculator will adjust for that if you add that info to the blue promotional rate area. You can refer back to this calculator as you progress with your plan, it even includes the option of adding extra payments should that be possible from time to time.

One of the keys to personal money management is engagement with your money. Trouble starts when you go on financial autopilot and lose track of how much you are spending. Money confidence is replaced by a vague unease. The longer you are disengaged the higher the stress climbs.

If you need help to create a plan and re-engage don’t hesitate to contact one of our coaches.