A Financial Framework to Achieve Your Ideal Life and Business Success

We are on a mission to support women entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals in the most overlooked area: finances. With financial knowledge and skills, you elevate your business and live the life you want.

By women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs just like you. 

We get you. We understand the struggles you’re facing, both in business and in life. 

Thousands of women have learned the crucial financial skills that allow them to balance life and business in a healthy, positive way. We want to do the same for you.

Gain the knowledge you need, from a woman entrepreneur’s perspective, with personal support that helps you learn about your money, sort out where you are now, and make a solid plan that gets you where you want to be.

Without any jargon. Without any judgment.

We designed The Money Map Coaching Program based on real-life knowledge and focused on financial success.

Led by Karin Mizgala, co-founder of Money Coaches Canada and the Women’s Financial Learning Centre, the Money Map Coaching Program walks you through an easy and innovative financial framework that equips you with the skills you need to build financial confidence and achieve business success.

Learn How To Better Manage Your Money

Learn How To Better Manage Your Money

  • The 3-part framework to help you make any financial decisions with confidence
  • An immediate and actionable plan that’ll sweep away financial stress for instant relief
  • How to focus your money on the priorities that matter to you most
  • How to skyrocket your confidence and make intelligent business decisions
  • Get a clear understanding of what you value and your relationship with money

Life feels better when women are in control of their money

Address the most important areas of financial management for women entrepreneurs and get the answers to crucial questions that make a big difference, such as:

  • How can I run a successful business and stay true to my personal values?
  • Should I use debt to finance my business so that it grows and thrives?
  • How can I stay on top of my cash flow and keep money coming in?
  • How can I pay fewer taxes and save more money, all at the same time?
  • How much should I be saving, and will I have enough money to retire?

Feel confident and committed to moving forward and knowing exactly how to set yourself up to balance life, family, and money – the smart way. That’s empowering. And that’s how women entrepreneurs can succeed.

When you invest in yourself and your education, you make a meaningful impact on the people around you.

Get the program for just $1,995

Meet Karin Mizgala, Your Financial Coach and Program Instructor

Karin Mizgala is the co-founder of Money Coaches Canada and the Women’s Financial Learning Centre. She’s a warm, friendly straight shooter who tells the truth about women and their relationship with money, and she’s passionate about seeing more women succeed.

A visionary within the financial services field, Karin didn’t want to be involved in common corporate practices that ties financial planning advice to selling investments or financial products. She stepped out of that pack and pioneered a revolutionary approach that has helped thousands of people take control of their financial future.

Karin understands the challenges facing women entrepreneurs today, and her unique perspective and approach will put you on the path to true success – in business, in your finances, and in your life.

Fill Your Toolbox with Financial Know-How and Confidence

Fill Your Toolbox with Financial Know-How and Confidence

  • An engaging online environment you can access from anywhere. Get in-depth, personal attention, guides, and worksheets to apply to your very own situation.
  • Register for the program right now and get access to the Money Map Learning Guide to get started right away.
  • Access easy-to-understand worksheets, helpful calculators, and valuable resources that make your life easier while increasing your success.
  • Get real mentorship from a financial expert and successful woman entrepreneur who understands your needs. It doesn’t get better than that!
  • Six 60 minute online/phone sessions in which Karin leads you through worksheets, financial concepts, and exercises.
  • Live sessions are personal, private, and ultra-informative. You’ll be able to ask Karin questions and get immediate answers. Such one-on-one support lets you build a full toolbox of solid financial skills.

In-depth, one-on-one, designed specifically to help women entrepreneurs achieve financial success.



When you register, you’ll get access to the Money Map Learning Guide, worksheets, special calculators, and valuable resources so you can start right away.

You will also receive a personal link to book your sessions with Karin.


We recommend that the program be completed over 12 weeks with mentoring sessions every 2 weeks. 

However, the program can be completed at your own pace based on your personal preferences and Karin’s availability.


You bet! Not only will you get a financial education powerhouse that helps you get more from your money, but it’s also a business write-off.

Now that’s what we call a win-win!


You can apply right away.

Complete the registration, we will follow up and review the program so that you are fully aware of the curriculum and the process


When you register, you get access to the Money Map Learning area filled with guides and worksheets. You will also access one-on-one mentoring sessions with Karin Mizgala, who will guide you through your personal situation and help you set yourself up for success.

This guided process will help you take charge of your financial life. You’ll have access to a step-by-step program that walks you through all the key areas of money that relate to you and your business.

The program is broken down into 6 sessions with a learning guide and easy-to-use tools and resources that you can implement immediately.

You will find the 6 one-on-one mentoring sessions with Karin invaluable as she guides you through a customized program for your unique situation.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a financial plan that you understand – and more importantly, one that you believe in. You’ll feel confident and committed to moving forward, and you’ll know exactly how to set yourself up to balance life, family, and money – the smart way.


Your sessions with Karin cover important topics such as:

  • How different business models can affect your personal finances
  • Smart techniques to manage your finances when life and business collide
  • Strategies that help you deal with and survive fluctuating cash flow
  • Tactics that let you live well today while still planning for your future
  • Tips on managing the interpersonal, financial challenges of being a woman entrepreneur
  • Avoiding those oh-too-common investing mistakes that create unnecessary high fees

The Money Map Coaching Program gives you the right financial guidance from a woman entrepreneur who understands your world and who can bring you the knowledge and perspective you need to reach your goals.


We’d love to answer them!

If you have more questions about the Money Map program or what you’ll learn, or want to make sure it’s a good fit for you and your needs, book a complimentary consultation with Karin.

Not an entrepreneur or self-employed? No problem. Contact Karin about Your Money Map Coaching for employed women.

“Since the program began I have paid down the remainder of my debt, tracked my expenses for two months to better understand my spending habits, increased my monthly RRSP contributions and opened a Tangerine Savings Account for my travel fund. I feel more aware of the choices I make around spending money.”
~ Kristin J

“My relationship to and with money has transformed. I am so happy to be in this new place of awareness and perspective. I now see everything with a new lens. It has been a liberating and empowering process over these last few years. Thank you for being the catalyst to this journey and so instrumental in this process.”
~ Rachel Speiran, Environmental Consultant