Daniel Evans, BSc. CLU® CFP®

Certified Financial Planner & Investment Coach | Vancouver, BC

Daniel Specializes in Assisting:

  • Couples and Families
  • Business Owners/Self-Employed
  • Professionals
  • Retirees

Daniel Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Investment Report Card (portfolio review)
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement & Pension Planning
  • Estate Planning

“Understanding your finances is the best thing you can do for your family and your future.”

Daniel’s Style

Daniel believes that education is a critical part of financial planning. He works with clients to help provide the knowledge and understanding so they can be confident in their personal financial decisions.

Daniel’s Story

Daniel was interested in finance from a young age. After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science, concentration in Mathematics and Economics, he pursued a career at a large, traditional financial planning institution. Over his eight years there he completed his CHS, RRC, CFP and CLU designations while building and managing both a client base and team of financial advisors. With the birth of the first of his two daughters, Daniel started to re-evaluate his financial planning practices.

He wanted to focus on a financial planning perspective with education at the core – one where he could work with clients to really help them better understand financial practices and be confident in their financial decisions. This couldn’t be more important than in the world of investing – a subject that is usually fraught with uncertainty, stress, and lack of control for Canadians. It is here where he found his passion for helping clients gain clarity in an area that is largely misunderstood, and open to conflicts of interest. This led him to Money Coaches Canada where he carefully tailors and teaches each client the importance of financial decisions and how they can affect all facets of family life.

He one day hopes his daughters will share the same drive for knowledge and education around financial planning practices.

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Easy-To-Maintain Financial System

I didn’t have a close handle on where I was spending my money and felt like I was living beyond my means. After working with Daniel, I now have a budgeting template to work with moving forward. The budgeting and investment plans work well for my situation and is layered into a system with automated payments which makes it easy to maintain moving forward. I also have a better understanding of investing options and what choices to make to set myself up for saving for my retirement.

– Chelsea

Solid Retirement Projections

We had a solid start on investing and good income, but we needed more input on what to do for the future. We received lots of information and found the projections for retirement savings very helpful. We would recommend Daniel and believe that we received good value for our money.

– Scott and Darla

Actionable Plans

We felt as though working with money was a very difficult and confusing task. We now have actionable plans that can help us focus in on what we want our money to do. We are now able to have discussions regarding our financial future. We feel much better about our short-term goals and once we put the plan into place, the medium- and long-term goals will be more attainable.

– Lindsay & Shawn

Investment Report Card – Clears Confusion

I was determined to take time to understand my investments, something I had never done before. The Investment Report Card was my starting point which cleared away the confusion. I carefully studied the report, writing down questions to ask my coach, Daniel Evans, during our 1 hour conference. I came away from that meeting with helpful suggestions and a plan for my next steps. Daniel taught me a lot about my money and I felt comfortable with the entire process. I’m very satisfied that I decided to do this!

– Norma

Investment Planning

I had some concerns about the fees I was paying and the lack of service I had from my advisor. The Investment Report Card addressed these and gave me a workable plan. It helped ease my worries.

– Denise, Chiropractor

Secure and Empowered

We were lost when it came to the finer details of our finances. We needed help with budgeting and determining how much home we could afford while still feeling secure with the rest of our finances. Daniel helped us understand exactly where our money was going. He worked with us to craft a personalized financial plan. It was well-thought-out and detailed, and it outlined simple steps to achieve our short and long-term financial goals. We now have a much better understanding of our finances and feel empowered to reach our financial goals.

– John & Doreen, Estimator/SharePoint Developer

Investment and Retirement Analysis

We weren’t sure our investments were performing the way they should and we wanted to be more confident that our savings would allow us to retire in the fashion we desired. Daniel provided us with a good analysis of our investments and recommendations on how to proceed. The investment and retirement planning part of the process was extremely useful. We feel much better about our long-term goals now. We will continue working regularly with him and would recommend Daniel and his Money Coaching services.

– Joan and Ken