The Money Coaches Canada Team

The Money Coaches Canada team brings a range of credentials, work experience and professional styles. Coaches are located nationwide but are never bound by their geographic location.

They work with clients either in person or using teleconferences and on-line meeting tools. You can pick the coach that’s right for you, or we can make a recommendation.

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British Columbia

Sheila Walkington Certified Money Coach in Vancouver BC
Sheila Walkington


Vancouver, BC

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Annie Kvick Certified Money Coach in North Vancouver BC
Annie Kvick

B.Ed, CFP®

North Vancouver, BC

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Leslie Gardner Money Coach in BC Interior
Leslie Gardner


Vancouver Island & BC Interior

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Alison Stafford Money Coach in Vancouver BC
Alison Stafford


Vancouver, BC

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Anthony Larsen Money Coach in New Westminster BC
Anthony Larsen


Vancouver, BC

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Steve Bridge Money Coach in North Vancouver BC
Steve Bridge

B.A. (Hons.), CFP®

North Vancouver, BC

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Christine Williston Money Coach North Vancouver BC
Christine Williston

B.A., CFP®

North Vancouver and Squamish, BC

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Daniel Evans Money Coach in Vancouver BC
Daniel Evans

BSc., CLU®, CFP®

Vancouver, BC

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Alberta & Saskatchewan

Tom Feigs Money Coach in Calgary AB
Tom Feigs


Calgary, AB

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barbara knoblach may 2014
Barbara Knoblach

Ph.D., CFP®

Edmonton, AB

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Manitoba, Ontario & East Coast

Christine White 2015
Christine White

P.Eng, CFP®

Toronto East-Durham Region, ON

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Sabine Lay Money Coach in Burlington & Surrounding Areas ON
Sabine Lay

Burlington & Surrounding Areas, ON

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Noel D'Souza Money Coach in Canada
Noel D'Souza

P.Eng, CFP®

Works with clients online

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Charmaine Huber Money Coach in Barrie ON
Charmaine Huber

B.A., FPSC Level 1®

Simcoe County-York Region, Greater Toronto Area, ON

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Janet Gray Money Coach in Ottawa ON
Janet Gray

B.A., B.Admin, CFP®, CHS, EPC, CPCA

Ottawa, ON

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Anne Perrault money coach in Orleans ON
Anne Perrault


Ottawa, ON

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Sandra Mann Money Coach in Toronto West ON
Sandra Mann

MBA Financial Services, CPA, CGA, FPSC Level 1®

Toronto, GTA West, Burlington, ON

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Liisa Tatem Money Coach in Toronto ON
Liisa Tatem


Toronto, ON

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Nick Boland Money Coach in Toronto ON
Nick Boland

CPA, CA, FPSC Level 1®

Toronto, ON

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  • We want to thank Steve for his incredible help with setting us up with a sound financial plan that we will be able to continue to follow for years to come. With his professional, caring, and understanding approach, Steve got to know us so that he could help us to set up a plan that was personalized to our goals.

    – Laura & Carl

  • For several years, my wife and I made repeated attempts to devise a strategy for managing our finances. It seemed we were constantly modifying our plans to accommodate our inability to meet our own goals. Hiring Christine has since proven to be the best financial decision we have made to date.

    – M & L Stevenson

  • I received an inheritance and was feeling lots of stress and pressure to invest it wisely. I didn’t have a retirement plan and the uncertainty was weighing on me. Since working with Annie, I feel much more relaxed, confident and in control of my finances. She listened and everything was tailored towards me. I now have a retirement plan, a road map and know I can retire.

    – S McKenzie, Burnaby

  • Dealing with finances day-to-day was absolutely agonizing, even the smallest decisions about money were incredibly painful. Working with Noel has definitely helped our family feel more in control of our finances, and consequently, our lives. After getting our finances sorted out amidst a number of other big life changes, we feel like anything is possible. The value far exceeded what we hoped. We’re beyond grateful for the plan to get ourselves on track.

    – Nick H.

  • We were frustrated and confused. We knew our income was good but couldn’t wrap our heads around why we weren’t making any head way. Tom was great! Considering our priorities forced us to face our spending issues and work together to get back on track. We finally saw our debt reducing and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was probably the best financial decision we have ever made. Definitely strengthened our marriage.

    – Jennifer N & Gareth L, Edmonton AB