Sheila Walkington, BBA, CFP®

Sheila’s Story

What Sheila loved most about her job in banking was the opportunity to help people. What she wanted most was a career in financial planning. She was young, visionary and independent-minded, so it was not surprising when a yearning for change carried her across the country. There on the West Coast she pursued her goal to become a financial planner with focus, intention and ultimately success. But she struggled with the model of having to sell investments to get paid. And day after day small moments would pass that revealed a gap in the financial industry: no one was providing a money management and financial planning system that addressed the real needs of Canadians on a fee-for-service basis. The answer for Sheila was bold but simple: she would set out to innovate the world of financial planning. In 2004, CBC interviewed her as one of the first money coaches in Canada. Sheila never looked back.

Sheila provides Money Coaching to a few select clients each month.

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Now in Control

Before we started working with Sheila, we felt anxious and overwhelmed when it came to money. We are now in control rather than in chaos. We understand where our money is going, and we have a shared system that will help us reach our goals. Thanks to Sheila, we can now talk about our finances without feeling stressed. Sheila’s empathy and flexibility made her very easy to work with, and her reputation and experience were highly reassuring. We feel fortunate to have found her!

– Leanna, Freelancer

Kindness and Authenticy!

I can’t say enough good things about Sheila’s expertise, kindness and authenticity! She is an amazing listener who empowers you to look at options to improve your financial wellbeing. Before we began working with Sheila, we avoided talking or thinking about our finances. It was the ‘elephant in the room’ that neither of us wanted to mention. Now, we have a solid plan. It feels so empowering to have a clear understanding of our finances! We are no longer living in fear of unforeseen expenses and we know what needs to be done if the unexpected happens.

We would without a doubt recommend Money Coaches Canada to our friends and family and anyone else who is looking to gain a clear understanding of their finances.

– Rebecca


I’ve never met anyone who gave such comprehensive budgeting advice, and in such a respectful way. You made it almost fun.

– Barb, Nurse

Personalized for your Needs

Sheila understood and respected my own personal financial goals and created a customized plan, which would assist me to achieve them! I not only met, but exceeded my goals!

– Quentin, Co-Op Coordinator

More Time and Energy for the Self-Employed

Working with Sheila helped me concentrate on the things I needed to in order to make my business go. I knew that Sheila would highlight the important financial and budgeting issues that I needed to address, and ensure I had adequate understanding of them in order to make a good decision. It is rare to find such a knowledgeable financial advisor who is so skilled at listening and communicating. Sheila makes you feel comfortable no matter what your level of knowledge is in business and personal financial planning.

– Danita, Consultant

Financial Stability / Positive Net Worth / Peace of Mind

Sheila helped me understand the concepts of financial planning which I continue to apply even today. Throughout that time, she was patient, encouraging and supportive. What I have reaped as a result is financial stability, positive net worth and most of all peace of mind, which is priceless indeed. I appreciate all that she has helped me attain because it truly has made a difference in my life.

– Joyce, Admin Assist.

Creative Plans that Work

Sheila was dedicated, honest, thoughtful, and creative in building a financial plan that (still) works for us. Sheila also empowered us to take charge of our financial and personal goals, and in this way we became more responsible with handling our own budget (balancing our cash flow, liabilities and assets).

– Doni & Jerry, Contractor/Teacher

Clear Financial Picture / Strategies that Work

As a self-employed person I do not have a regular paycheque and this has always made financial planning very difficult for me. When I went to see Sheila the first time I was floundering because I had gotten myself into a financial mess. I had to make some very important decisions and although I knew what needed to be done, I had no idea how to go about it. Every thing seemed confusing and complicated to me. Sheila helped me to see my financial picture clearly. With simple steps she helped me to set short and long term goals and to develop new strategies that work for me. Thank you Sheila. I now have a clearer picture of my financial position, I feel motivated and confident that I can achieve my goals.

– Sile, Stylist