Sheila Walkington, BBA, CFP®

Sheila Specializes in Assisting:

  • Women
  • Couples and Families
  • Professionals

Sheila Specializes in:

  • Developing and Clarifying Financial Goals
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Pre-Retirement Planning (5 years or more from retirement)

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“Financial success comes from aligning the money you have with the goals you want to achieve. I have the privilege of guiding my clients towards the financial decisions that will best support the vision they have for their lives, and empowering them to improve their relationship with money along the way.”

Sheila’s Style

An exceptional listener, empathetic, flexible and free of judgement, Sheila will help change your relationship with money and show you how to take control of your financial well-being.

Sheila’s Story

A better way. These three words have been the driving force throughout Sheila’s career. And it’s why she’s helping lead one of Canada’s largest, and most successful independent, fee-for-service financial planning firms.

Sheila is committed to helping people live with purpose and to define success on their terms. To Sheila, money is a means to an end. And it’s how you define that ‘end’ that will have the greatest impact on your happiness and financial state-of-mind.

Anxious and overwhelmed are two words that many of Sheila’s clients use to describe themselves. Most are well-paid professionals that feel they are working hard but not getting ahead. The power of having goals, and a proven financial system to achieve them, has been an important ‘a ha’ moment for many of Sheila’s clients. But knowing what to do, and doing it, are worlds apart. Accountability is what brings them together, and its how Sheila begins to transform the lives of her clients.

Early in her career, Sheila felt constrained. She could see that her clients needed help reducing debt and improving cash-flow, but her primary purpose as a Financial Planner for one of Canada’s largest wealth-management firms was to sell investment products. She knew there had to be a better way – for both herself, and her clients. In 2010, she co-founded Money Coaches Canada, and has been proving that there is a better way ever since.

Sheila provides Money Coaching to a few select clients each month.

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Fantastic tools and action steps

Sheila helped me develop the knowledge and confidence to make good financial decisions. She provided me with fantastic tools and action steps to implement my cash flow plan. I now feel much better about my ability to reach my short and longer-term goals. Working with Sheila has been an excellent experience. I highly recommend her services.

– Yvonne G.

So much happier…

Thanks Sheila and team for providing sound financial advice. We are so much happier now that we have a monthly budget in place and a positive outlook for our future! The peace of mind this service has provided has reduced the conflict over our finances and was well worth the fees. We now feel much better about our plans to reach our goals. Sheila’s knowledge and advice was excellent and we will recommend her to our friends and family.

– Brad H.

Achieving my Goals amidst Unexpected Challenges

I just wanted to thank Sheila for the financial advice. It really set me up well to weather this pandemic and unforeseen challenges like furloughs. I’m excited to say I’ve achieved so many of the goals we set out: buying a condo, repaying my debts, setting aside an emergency fund and staying on track with my retirement savings. And I did all of this while experiencing an unexpected pay cut due to the pandemic! Thanks so much for helping me strengthen my financial education and financial security.

– M

Personalized Service

Sheila really got to know me and provided a fantastic structure for me to make better financial decisions. Sheila’s knowledge and ability to coach me through this process was excellent. I would absolutely recommend Sheila’s services to my family and friends. She’s awesome!

– Erin

Focusing on what is Really Important

Sheila is a very clear and professional communicator. She asked questions that prompted us to dig deeper into some of our previous planning, and focus in on what was really important to us moving forward. Working with her held us accountable to complete some life planning activities we’d been putting off. We now feel better equipped to meet our short and long term goals and have the action steps needed to follow through on the plan.

– Justine, HR Operations Manager

Crucial to our Family’s Stability

I have been working with Sheila for the past 2+ years and I can’t recommend her and Money Coaches Canada enough! The ‘peace of mind’ and increased financial knowledge we have gained from working with Sheila has been incredibly important and crucial to our family’s stability.

– Mary

Skills & Ability to Reach our Goals!

We were on a path to eroding our savings prior to meeting with Sheila, but now we feel empowered to save towards our short- and long-term financial goals. The system that Sheila helped us to implement has helped to monitor and reign in our spending, and has put my husband and I on the same page financially, which has helped to remove financial stress from our relationship. We’re very pleased with the advice we received from Sheila!

– Christine

We feel like we have a REAL partner now in our Financial Planning

We felt as though we were spinning our wheels, doing okay financially but with no idea about our financial future. It was so wonderful to work with Sheila. We now have a plan and a good understanding of where our money goes. I now enjoy seeing our money grow and knowing we have a strong financial future. We are SO happy we decided to go ahead with this service. It was worth every penny. I will definitely recommend Money Coaches Canada and Sheila to my friends and family.

– Mary Trentadue, Business Owner

Excellent Service!

When I began working with Sheila, I felt extremely anxious and not very knowledgeable. I didn’t think I was doing enough to achieve my financial goals. After working with Sheila, I feel so much more informed. I have a Spending and Savings Plan which will guide me towards my short and longer-term goals and a greater understanding of my overall finances. Sheila’s knowledge and ability to coach me through this process was excellent.

– Marisa

Always helping us reach our goals

Sheila was very professional and warm. She has a very positive demeanor which helped us look at the daunting task of our getting our finances into order in a positive light. She helped my husband and I find strategies that worked for both of us, while keeping our individual goals in mind. I now feel confident about paying off our debt soon enough. She was always looking for ways to help us reach our goals. When I was seeking some guidance before my performance appraisal at work, she signed me up for an interesting talk. Thank you, Sheila, for all of your help on this journey to understand and improve our finances.

– Lavina

Above and Beyond!

Sheila is an amazing coach. She immediately put us at ease and gave us confidence from the first session. We now have a plan for tracking and monitoring our expenses. We feel less stress because we have money available for unexpected expenses and we agree on financial decisions more easily. Sheila went above and beyond helping us with our finances, she also introduced us to people in her network who have helped us with our careers.

– Vinay

Best Investment We Ever Made!

At first, we hesitated seeing Sheila. Her fee seemed like another big expense that we could not afford. However, we decided that her fee was less that we were spending on interest charges on our debt and that perspective gave us “permission” to see her. I’m happy to say that Sheila’s fee was the best investment we have ever made. She paid for herself in the first hour of our first meeting.

Sheila really helped us to turn our situation around in many ways. Sheila’s approach is not “cookie cutter”. She designed a unique financial plan for us. She helped us to identify our goals and to see how our spending was completely counter to what we valued. For example, we really love to travel, but we didn’t have enough money to go away on trips. However, we were spending hundreds of dollars on meals out. We now funnel much of that money into a travel fund. We decided that we’d rather have dinner in Rome than at our local White Spot.

Sheila showed us the importance of setting aside money each month for both unexpected emergencies and for major expenses that come around every year. We’ve learned that saving is not a luxury, it is a necessity for financial well-being. We now have money for the veterinarian (should our elderly pet get sick) and also our home insurance that comes due in December. We also learned how to deal with unexpected expenses, the ones we didn’t budget for, without derailing ourselves. These expenses do happen! That line of credit is no longer our emergency fund or an extra bank account.

Sheila put together a plan to aggressively attack our debt. Debt reduction was always our number one goal, and now our spending reflects this. Prior to Sheila’s plan, we worried and fretted about the debt, but without realizing how, we added to it each month. Now, that debt is shrinking and we can see the day when it will be gone!

– Cindy

Communicate Shared Goals and Create a Plan

We are both very excited with the way things are moving forward. Your assistance went beyond simply improving our financial health. In addition to helping us figure out how to communicate our shared goals with each other, you also enabled us to develop a plan on how to achieve them.

– Kate


You’ve made the impossible seem possible, thank you!

– Jennifer

Master Navigator

Sheila, I thought you were great today. In particular you were able to sail us through that “ah ha” moment like a master navigator. The drive home was very positive. Baby steps, but after so many years I think J and I have the beginnings of real foundation to work from.

– Patrick

Changed Our Lives!

I can’t tell you how much you’ve changed our lives, well my life in particular. I love the system that you helped me put in place. It is easy to do and I really have a good handle on it. Thank you so much, it really feels good to know where my money is going!

– Salma

Relief Right Away

We watched ’till debt to us part on TV and thought “we really need this” but didn’t know a coach in Vancouver – thought of writing into the program but didn’t want to air our dirty laundry on tv.

We were relieved the second we made the decisions to get professional help. So valuable that Sheila isn’t selling products. She wants to help us with the hard work – not like financial planners who just want to give you a list of tips for financial success and then try to get you to buy the products they sell.

Sheila was very sensitive right off the bat and was clear about what we could expect from her services – we started to feel relief right away.

We’re 4 months in – had 4 sessions – we are still struggling with getting our spending under control but it is vastly improved.

When I dug into the details of our spending I saw where we were going wrong, I showed it to Sheila and she was helpful with getting us talking about more than the details. We talked about why we spend – how we feel about money – they are things we haven’t talked about before.

I’m not worried any more – I was getting into an anxious state. I really feel we can do it.

– Richard

Accountability Made the Difference!

I would absolutely recommend working with Sheila to anyone looking to improve their finances! I had been talking about “getting a handle” on our expenses for years, but it wasn’t until I was accountable to Sheila that it actually happened. Even though in theory I “knew what to do”, having someone coach me through a process was an invaluable experience. Sheila’s competence, advice and ability to respond to my questions was excellent.

– Lisa R.

Now in Control

Before we started working with Sheila, we felt anxious and overwhelmed when it came to money. We are now in control rather than in chaos. We understand where our money is going, and we have a shared system that will help us reach our goals. Thanks to Sheila, we can now talk about our finances without feeling stressed. Sheila’s empathy and flexibility made her very easy to work with, and her reputation and experience were highly reassuring. We feel fortunate to have found her!

– Leanna, Freelancer

Kindness and Authenticy!

I can’t say enough good things about Sheila’s expertise, kindness and authenticity! She is an amazing listener who empowers you to look at options to improve your financial wellbeing. Before we began working with Sheila, we avoided talking or thinking about our finances. It was the ‘elephant in the room’ that neither of us wanted to mention. Now, we have a solid plan. It feels so empowering to have a clear understanding of our finances! We are no longer living in fear of unforeseen expenses and we know what needs to be done if the unexpected happens.

We would without a doubt recommend Money Coaches Canada to our friends and family and anyone else who is looking to gain a clear understanding of their finances.

– Rebecca


I’ve never met anyone who gave such comprehensive budgeting advice, and in such a respectful way. You made it almost fun.

– Barb, Nurse

Personalized for your Needs

Sheila understood and respected my own personal financial goals and created a customized plan, which would assist me to achieve them! I not only met, but exceeded my goals!

– Quentin, Co-Op Coordinator

More Time and Energy for the Self-Employed

Working with Sheila helped me concentrate on the things I needed to in order to make my business go. I knew that Sheila would highlight the important financial and budgeting issues that I needed to address, and ensure I had adequate understanding of them in order to make a good decision. It is rare to find such a knowledgeable financial advisor who is so skilled at listening and communicating. Sheila makes you feel comfortable no matter what your level of knowledge is in business and personal financial planning.

– Danita, Consultant

Financial Stability / Positive Net Worth / Peace of Mind

Sheila helped me understand the concepts of financial planning which I continue to apply even today. Throughout that time, she was patient, encouraging and supportive. What I have reaped as a result is financial stability, positive net worth and most of all peace of mind, which is priceless indeed. I appreciate all that she has helped me attain because it truly has made a difference in my life.

– Joyce, Admin Assist.

Creative Plans that Work

Sheila was dedicated, honest, thoughtful, and creative in building a financial plan that (still) works for us. Sheila also empowered us to take charge of our financial and personal goals, and in this way we became more responsible with handling our own budget (balancing our cash flow, liabilities and assets).

– Doni & Jerry, Contractor/Teacher

Clear Financial Picture / Strategies that Work

As a self-employed person I do not have a regular paycheque and this has always made financial planning very difficult for me. When I went to see Sheila the first time I was floundering because I had gotten myself into a financial mess. I had to make some very important decisions and although I knew what needed to be done, I had no idea how to go about it. Every thing seemed confusing and complicated to me. Sheila helped me to see my financial picture clearly. With simple steps she helped me to set short and long term goals and to develop new strategies that work for me. Thank you Sheila. I now have a clearer picture of my financial position, I feel motivated and confident that I can achieve my goals.

– Sile, Stylist