Sheila Walkington, BBA, CFP®

Sheila’s Story

What Sheila loved most about her job in banking was the opportunity to help people. What she wanted most was a career in financial planning. She was young, visionary and independent-minded, so it was not surprising when a yearning for change carried her across the country. Nor was it surprising when she called her brother from Vancouver asking him to sell her car—she wouldn’t be coming back to Montreal. There on the West Coast she pursued her goal to become a financial planner with focus, intention and ultimately success. But she struggled with the model of having to sell investments to get paid. And day after day small moments would pass that revealed a gap in the financial industry: no one was teaching people the basics of money management. People would ask her, “Is there a book I can read? Can my bank help me?” The answer for Sheila was bold but simple: she would set out to innovate the world of financial planning. In 2004, CBC interviewed her as one of the first money coaches in Canada. Sheila never looked back.

Sheila provides Money Coaching to a few select clients each month.

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