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Life After Work: Planning for and Living in Retirement

By Jenny Reimer, CFP® Director, Financial Planning Our co-founder and CEO, Karin Mizgala, was recently invited to speak at an event hosted by Steadyhand Investment Management. In this webinar, Karin and another leading independent financial planner, Jason Heath discuss questions … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy Summer Without a Debt Hangover

By Sheila Walkington, Co-Founder and CFO Money Coaches Canada There is something about summer that makes us loosen the reins on our routines. We tend to eat more treats, and we let the kids stay up later. We enjoy more time with … Continue reading

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Financial Literacy in Action

By Melanie Buffel, BA Psych, MBA Candidate November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other’s experience, sharing our knowledge and feelings about money. There are so many financial concepts, products and … Continue reading

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Why are so many high earners in debt?

By Sheila Walkington, Co-founder and CFO Money Coaches Canada How would you react if I told you that many of your friends are in debt? You probably wouldn’t be shocked. You’d probably nod your head in agreement, and say something … Continue reading

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Six steps to begin your career change

By Karin Mizgala, MBA, CFP There is a popular expression, that’s actually the title of a book published in the 1980’s, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”  But my experience as a financial planner and money coach … Continue reading

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Five reasons budgets fail

The majority of our clients make a very good income, yet many find themselves struggling to get ahead financially. Time and again one of the first things we’re asked is; what am I doing wrong?  Most have tried to stick … Continue reading

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