September is a great time to check-in with your financial goals

Posted on: August 19, 2015

No matter how many years it’s been since we’ve tossed a graduation cap in the air, the back-to-school energy of September motivates many of us to re-commit to moving forward in our lives; making it the perfect time to check-in with our financial goals.

CROPPED UPDATED-7-Stages-of-Financial-Well-Being-732x1024As Money Coaches we help people progress through the 7 Stages of Financial Well-Being® to ultimately achieve financial fulfillment. A great way to set goals is to recognize which stage you are in and to understand what you need to do to move to the next stage. You may be able to determine where you are by reading the descriptions of each stage in the graphic (click the image to enlarge), but you can also download our 7 Stages of Financial Well-Being® Quiz to see where you stand.

Maybe you are already very clear about which of the 7 Stages you are in, yet you feel stuck. You intend to save more and spend less, but then the next thing you know you’re at a cash register somewhere with your credit card in your hand. If you’re frustrated that you don’t follow through with your intentions, it may be because you don’t have a strong enough WHY behind your goals. Read The key to financial resolutions that succeed and download the worksheet that can help you get clarity on why you want to make changes.

September goalsIf you are in a relationship it’s important to have a shared WHY. If money is a difficult subject between you and your partner, read Money Coach Melanie Buffel’s blog post about breaking down the money talk taboo to help you begin the process. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to make progress when you are excited about the same goals.

Sometimes the talk we need to have is with ourselves. Many people struggle with their finances, not because of a lack of funds, but because of the emotional money blueprint they developed in childhood. Be the architect of your financial future, by money coach Kathryn Mandelcorn has some steps for recognizing and shifting your negative self-talk and patterns.

If you need a little encouragement read some of our success stories, if you need some guidance and support contact one of our coaches for a free consultation.

Notebook and penWe hope you enjoy the final days of summer, then grab a fresh notebook, some new pens and re-commit to your personal vision of financial success.

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  1. The seven stages of Financial Well Being is a mind opener for me…deserves internalizing and applying in one’s life! Great advice!

  2. Glad to hear it Lynne! I totally agree!

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