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How to Make the Most of Your Inheritance

By Janet Gray, B.A., B.Admin, CFP®, EPC, CPCA Waiting for inheritance is not a solid financial plan. But the fact is, that in 2018 Stats Canada reported that the total net worth of Canadians 65 or older was $2.30-billion, and much … Continue reading

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How Divorce Can Affect Your Retirement

By Annie Kvick, B.Ed, CFP® The ending of a marriage is an unfortunate reality for many Canadians, it creates emotional upheaval for both partners and any children involved. But studies have shown that it generally impacts a woman’s financial well-being longer … Continue reading

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Coach Spotlight: Sabine Lay, Certified Money Coach

In the five years that Sabine Lay has been a Money Coach the question she has most frequently been asked is: How do other people manage their finances? Or even, “Am I the worst case you’ve seen?” She says the … Continue reading

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