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How Divorce Can Affect Your Retirement

By Annie Kvick, B.Ed, CFP® The ending of a marriage is an unfortunate reality for many Canadians, it creates emotional upheaval for both partners and any children involved. But studies have shown that it generally impacts a woman’s financial well-being longer … Continue reading

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Meet our Money Coach: Annie Kvick

For many Canadians, taking charge of their finances feels like being asked to scale a mountain. They may feel overwhelmed, intimidated, or afraid of making a misstep that sends them tumbling financially backwards. Money Coach Annie Kvick, knows what it … Continue reading

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4 ways to banish your retirement planning fears

By Annie Kvick, BEd, CFP How do you feel when you hear the word retirement? If you are like many Canadians, the word sends pangs of guilt and discomfort through your mind and a fluttery nervous sensation through your stomach. … Continue reading

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Paying yourself first

By Annie Kvick, BEd, CFP Think saving is just too hard?  The secret to saving money and accumulating wealth is to “pay yourself first”. The first bill you pay each month should be to yourself. Regular and consistent contributions to … Continue reading

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Podcast: Retirement – how much do you need?

Featuring: Annie Kvick, Certified Financial Planner with Money Coaches Canada The most asked question about Retirement Planning is How Much is Enough?  Retirement Planning expert Annie Kvick joins us to discuss what you need to know and where to go … Continue reading

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