Money Coach Spotlight: Melanie Buffel

Posted on: April 6, 2016

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” –Albert Einstein
Melanie Buffel Money Coach in Vancouver BC

Melanie Buffel, BA Psych, MBA Candidate

Melanie Buffel changes the way her clients think about money.

“When I begin working with clients,” she says, “whether they are individuals, couples or entrepreneurs, they usually present me with foggy numbers: unclear expenses, numbers that are rounded up or imprecise. Then at one point on the journey they begin updating their spreadsheets, rebalancing their plan and speaking with a level of confidence that tells me they’ve had a paradigm shift. It’s wonderful to see them believe in their capacity to make sound financial decisions.”

Understanding what’s important to her clients is the foundation of Melanie’s approach. She recognizes that every person, couple or business owner has different needs and goals, and on an even deeper level; everyone has an emotional relationship with money that has been shaped by their childhood and life experiences.

Conflicting money personalities can cause tension within a relationship, says Melanie. “I help people clarify their priorities, and as an objective third party I can ask the hard questions without judgement.”

Melanie’s objective perspective can also help couples who enable each other with magical thinking solutions to their challenges. Judging or enabling is just two sides of the same coin; nothing changes.

Clients working with Melanie can expect change. “It’s so important that we clear the fog and determine priorities and goals, but that is just the beginning. The end game is integrating workable solutions into the reality of their lives.”

relationship to money tweetThere are many financial advice books available, but nothing beats talking with an ally, especially one with Melanie’s warmth and sense of humour.

“Lots of people have an idea of what needs to be done,” she says, “but they struggle with how to do it. I’m often asked: How do other people manage cash flow? When will I be able to take a salary from my business? How do we organize our finances as a couple? I became a Money Coach because of how transformative it was to build my own money skills and feel a sense of agency in my life. It’s so rewarding to support that transformation in other people.”

Often the transformation goes beyond the realm of finance. “Over and over I see the shift in someone’s confidence around money spill into others areas of their life. They become more relaxed, joyful and focused and it can’t help but impact their relationships and well-being.”

It’s often the clients who are a little reluctant to commit to the process who become the biggest advocates for Money Coaching. Melanie says that people sometimes fear that change will mean sacrifice, so they hesitate. But once they begin the process and have a deeper understanding of their options, decisions become about choice not sacrifice. Couples who struggled become a team; entrepreneurs who were overwhelmed have a clear path forward.

“I know my work is complete,” Melanie says, “when my clients have a fresh way of thinking, a new set of habits and the ability to respond to crisis or take advantage of opportunities from a solid, grounded place.”


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To know more about Melanie’s personal story visit her coach page.

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