Melanie Buffel, B.A. Psych, MBA Candidate

Money Coach | Vancouver, BC

Melanie Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Business Owners/Self-Employed
  • Professionals

Melanie Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Education
  • Business Cash Flow Planning
  • Planning through transitions (divorce, loss of spouse/partner, career change)


“Money is a vehicle. Let’s be sure you are in the driver’s seat!”

Melanie’s Style

Melanie is passionate about helping people realize their dreams—while also paying the gas bill. Using a wealth of experience and a healthy sense of humour, she assists her clients in building a solid system that puts their money into perspective and action.

Melanie’s Story

Melanie has spent the past 20 years leading community based programs to help people overcome financial crisis and build their knowledge, skills and confidence in money management. She has led workshops for students, entrepreneurs, single moms and CEOs.

She was inspired to pursue this line of work out of her personal experience as a single mother providing for two small children. After a deep reflection on the role of money in her life, she became determined to decode the money game—and win! Building on her BA in Psychology, she completed postgraduate work in Community Economic Development and made a professional commitment to helping people manage cash flow, plan for debt repayment and create workable savings strategies. She has a great appetite for knowledge and is currently completing a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Community Economic Development.

Melanie finds tremendous satisfaction in helping people take more control of their lives and finances. In 2008, she received a “Passion for Financial Literacy Award” from SEDI, a national leader in the provision of financial education. She has been a regular contributor to CBC radio and television and features in CBC Marketplace episode “Busting the Banks!” January 2013.

As a money coach with Money Coaches Canada, she looks forward to offering unbiased support and advice to put your money in it’s place!

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When we contacted Melanie we were feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and hopeless about our financial situation. It took up a lot of our time, fuelled arguments and felt like things would never change even though we felt we were making a good effort. After working together with Melanie we have very specific reports and tools to refer to and help us realistically track our finances. Working with our Money Coach we began to be accountable for our plans and committed to actions within a set time. It was great to have clear steps and timelines and it helped change our habits and procedures. We had tried for a long time to handle our finances ourselves but were never successful, now there is less guessing and more certainty. Melanie made us feel comfortable about discussing our financial situation and in asking any questions at all. She also listened to plans we came up with and addressed them in a positive way. She was very encouraging. We have paid off most of our debts, are now saving toward all expenses (the basics and the unexpected ones) and have finally started paying down our mortgage quicker. We are much more careful about any overspending (still need to watch that closer but have improved a lot and usually know at any given time where our account is at).

We had discussed working with a Money Coach for a long time, and then finally one day took the leap and made the call. Looking back now we realize how much further ahead we would be if we had made the decision sooner. We plan to see Melanie for an annual review and we would be happy to recommend her Money Coaching services to family and friends.

– Bob and C.

When we first met with Melanie I felt really out of control, like I had no idea where the money went and why we couldn’t seem to make ends meet even though we had pretty good incomes. Now I know where all the money comes from, and where it is going. I’m not worried now about whether I’ll have enough to pay the mortgage when its due or whether I’ll have to run around robbing Peter to pay Paul to make ends meet. The money is organized! I would recommend Melanie in a heartbeat for anyone who wants to get a simple, effective system to be money smart.

– Elisabeth

Before we started working with Melanie I felt powerless and depressed about our financial situation, I used to look at the bank statement with one eye closed, like watching a scary movie! We had been in denial/panic cycles for too long. Now I feel more in control and better able to weather unexpected expenses. Melanie taught us that there are solutions to the things that were haunting us. We can now face the future head on with a far more pragmatic approach. There is less tension in our money conversations and we are working toward our goals together. Melanie was knowledgeable, responded to our questions and concerns and gave excellent advice while coaching us through a very thorough process. We have recommended Melanie‘s services to friends and family, we enjoyed her so much!

– Katy