2013 is my year to get smart with money!

Posted on: January 15, 2013

Karin Mizgala Money Coach Salt Spring Island BCThese were the words that stood out from a recent conversation I had with a new client. She went on to say that although thinking about money make her anxious, she had decided that she was ready to shift her thinking and to take her finances to the next level. She was tired of frittering away her money on little things and never having money available for unexpected expenses or for vacations. 2013 was her year to change how she “did” money!

If this is your year to change how you manage, organize or think about money, I invite you to check out a great line-up of educational events coming up in January and February.

For more details: www.moneycoachescanada.ca/events

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Karin Mizgala is Money Coaches Canada’s CEO and resident “money shrink”.

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