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Should You Help Your Kids Buy a Home? 3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Ante Up

By Karin Mizgala, co-founder and CEO Money Coaches Canada     Buying a home, especially for first time buyers, has  become increasingly challenging over the last decades. In 1985, according to the Toronto Estate Board, the average home in the city … Continue reading

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Why the short answer may not be right answer

By Alison Stafford, CFP® Money questions often appear straight forward, for example: should I pay down my mortgage or contribute to an RSP? But rarely, if ever, is one decision about money not impacted or influenced by your complete financial situation. … Continue reading

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Glossary: Mortgage and Equity terms

Every profession, sport and hobby has its own expressions, jargon, and acronyms that can leave those less familiar with them a little lost or confused. Helping our clients understand the language of money is one of the things our coaches take pride in, … Continue reading

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Podcast – Fixed or variable rate mortgage – which one should you choose?

With so much conflicting information about mortgage options and the direction of interest rates, it’s not easy to decide. To shed some light on how to make this important decision listen to our Let’s Talk Money podcast: Fixed or Variable … Continue reading

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