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5 Tips for Surviving Economic Uncertainty

By Karin Mizgala, CFP® Co-founder and CEO Money Coaches Canada As uncomfortable as the pandemic has been, this collective “time-out” offered us the opportunity to reflect on what is working well in life and in our world, while shining a … Continue reading

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The Real Secret to Making Smart Investment Decisions

By Tom Feigs, CFP®, CET As a fee-for-service financial planner it’s not unusual to be approached for a “quick” portfolio review. “Can you just look over my investments?” or “Can you tell me if I’m saving enough?” As much as it’s … Continue reading

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Three reasons to stick with a defined benefit pension plan

By Karin Mizgala, co-founder and CEO Money Coaches Canada Retirement planning can raise a lot of questions and feel overwhelming to many Canadians, so I was very pleased when The Globe and Mail newspaper asked me to be one of … Continue reading

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Money Coaches in Conversation – What you should understand about fees and financial advice

Recently Money Coaches Canada co-founder Karin Mizgala sat down with Money Coach Noel D’Souza to discuss the changing landscape of financial advice in Canada. Karin: As someone in the financial industry, it’s very common to be asked by people outside the industry, … Continue reading

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