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How to Manage Your Inheritance

By Karin Mizgala, Co-Founder and CEO Money Coaches Canada Canada is on the verge of a colossal transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Baby Boomers are expected to inherit roughly $750 billion by 2026; the largest shift of … Continue reading

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How to Make the Most of Your Inheritance

By Janet Gray, B.A., B.Admin, CFP®, CHS, EPC, CPCA Waiting for an inheritance is not a solid financial plan. But the fact is, Stats Canada reports that the total net worth of Canadians 65 or older is $2.30-billion, and much of … Continue reading

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Choosing the right executor for your estate

By Noel D’Souza, P.Eng, CFP® Appointing an executor for your estate shouldn’t be stressful, but it does require thoughtful consideration. To begin you should understand what the executor will be called upon to do. As you would expect, your executor’s … Continue reading

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Estate planning – what happens if I die without a will?

Estate planning may sound grand, but it just means that you have made plans for what you want to happen when you die, if you are incapacitated, or near death. Essentially, it’s a gift you can prepare while you’re alive … Continue reading

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