Success Story: Joel and Anna stopped waiting for “someday”

Posted on: January 21, 2014

In The Key to Financial Resolutions that Succeed, we wrote about the importance of having a dream that serves as the motivation for your financial goals, but that’s just one side of the coin.

Joel and Anna were like many couples who sit down with a Money Coach for the first time. They had a dream – to buy a home – but they were convinced that their circumstances made it impossible. They were living in a small, high rent basement apartment and they had some debt, how could they possibly save enough money for a down payment? Homeownership seemed so out of reach, that they purchased $100.00 lottery tickets with hopes of a big win. To bolster their spirits they treated themselves to weekend getaways, for a taste of the life they hoped to lead when their circumstances changed.

“Circumstances” are just where you are right now, and where you are right now is the best place to start. Joel and Anna didn’t need to wait for their circumstances to change, they only needed to commit to the idea that their dream was possible and create a plan. That’s the other side of the coin; a dream needs a goal or it has no momentum.

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As they progressed through the Money Coaches’ program, they stopped viewing weekend trips, take-out food, and expensive lottery tickets as temporary consolation, and recognized a spending pattern that was keeping them from their dream.

They committed to the ambitious goal of buying a house in one year, and their Money Coach helped them map out the steps to make it happen. With a new awareness of their spending, coupled with a passion for their goal, they didn’t feel deprived, they felt empowered. Joel and Anna cut costs, paid off debt and had enough money for a down payment in only eight months!

What are your dreams?

  • To get married?
  • Start a family?
  • Buy a home, or a cottage?
  • Do you want to retire early?
  • Pursue higher education?
  • Travel more?

Like Joel and Anna, do you defer those dreams to “someday” because of your circumstances?

We can help. Create a dream you believe in and together we’ll create a plan.

Download this worksheet to help you uncover your dreams and priorities, then contact one of our Money Coaches for a Free consultation.


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