How are we doing? – Quarterly client survey results and winner

Posted on: January 5, 2012

A big thank you to all of our clients who provided us with feedback on their recent experience working with a Money Coaches Canada associate.

Every quarter one survey participant drawn randomly will win a $100 Chapters gift certificate.
This quarter’s winner is James from Winnipeg. Congratulations James!

Couple meeting with money coachWhat are clients are saying
Clients said they came to Money Coaches Canada feeling fearful, frustrated, overwhelmed, powerless, apprehensive, nervous and anxious about money.

100% reported that after working with a money coach they feel more in control of their finances and have the info they need to make better financial decisions.

Here’s what Money Coach Renée Verret’s client had to say:
“I felt scattered and not really sure where to start or what specific areas to look at. Now I feel like I have been given a direction and a map to follow. I could see exactly what I needed to do, and I felt more confident following through with these steps knowing that there was someone I could ask if I ran into any problems. I also have tools that I can use to check up on my own financial health in the future.” – Roxanne

Suggestions we will be implementing
A project to review and revise our worksheets and reports to make them even more client-friendly is underway. We are also using more on-line tools and technology to improve the client experience for clients who are working with coaches at a distance.

To learn more about working with a money coach, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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