How are we doing? – Client survey results and winner

Posted on: July 4, 2013

Thank you to all of our clients who took the time to provide us with feedback on their experience working with their Money Coach. We take your comments very seriously and do our best to implement your suggestions.

Penny from Calgary is the winner of a $100 Chapters card from our most recent survey respondent’s draw. Congratulations Penny!

What our clients are saying about how they felt BEFORE working with their Money Coach
“We felt overwhelmed , discouraged and frustrated” – Jane and Scott (Money Coach Sabine Lay)

“I kept track of my money but I never seemed to be prepared when the inevitable happened and I ended up going to my credit cards. So I felt not in control” – Colleen (Money Coach Sabine Lay)

“I felt really anxious and out of control with my spending and I didn’t really understand how money works” – Madeline H. (Money Coach Barbara Knoblach)

What our clients are saying about how they felt AFTER working with their Money Coach
“We have a plan now, there is always money available for our needs and always money left over between pay-days!” – Jane and Scott

“I now know I can handle my home and expenses. It has given me back my control” – Colleen

“I feel like my finances have direction and purpose now. I have a plan for my money, as opposed to just spending it recklessly” – Madeline H.

Suggestions we will be implementing

In addition to our monthly free financial planning seminar series Money Mondays, we are now offering another opportunity to get advice from a Money Coach at no cost. Check out our new Ask Your Money Coach column. Send your questions to and we will do our best to respond.

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