Three ways to take the stress out of money

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Our MONEY MONDAYS series started tonight with a lively discussion about the biggest money worries people are having and what to do about them.

Here are some of our suggestions on how to combat money stress:

1. Live the Life You Want

If you are waiting to reach some magic number in your bank account or to be debt-free before you start living the life you want, you are probably giving money way too much hold over your life. While it’s important to pay the bills and to be financially responsible, a healthy relationship to money comes from using money to support your dreams and goals, not as an end in itself. So, be clear about what you want your life to look like, get your financial house in order and align your money with your life.

2. Educate Yourself

How many times have you met with a financial advisor, nodded your head, but really had no idea what was being said? The financial and investment world is increasingly complex and if you don’t understand the language of money, you can be left feeling very vulnerable and uneasy. Even if you work with an advisor that you trust, the only way to truly overcome this anxiety is to educate yourself about money. Take a money course, read a book on financial planning or look for an advisor who focuses on financial education. You don’t have to become a real estate guru or an expert on the stock market, but make sure you are delegating, not abdicating responsibility for your finances.

3. Take Conscious Action

It’s up to you to take the appropriate, conscious action to take charge of your money and start living the life you want.

You are taking conscious action when you:

  • Clarify your goals and act on your intentions
  • Ask questions and further your financial education
  • Spend and save your money with intention, education and awareness
  • Seek professional assistance to help you move closer to your ideal life

Taking control of your finances can be challenging, but the rewards of financial peace of mind and security are well worth your efforts. We guarantee it!

Join the conversation:
What are your biggest money worries?

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  1. Great suggestions! Couldn’t agree more. Conscious spending helps you align your spending with your goals – don’t you want to spend on what matters most to you?

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