Steve Bridge, CFP®, B.A.

Certified Financial Planner and Financial Literacy Speaker
North and West Vancouver, BC

Steve Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Professionals
  • Companies looking to increase employees’ financial wellness

Steve Specializes in:

  • Retirement and Pension Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial wellness seminars to groups of all sizes


Financial Wellness Seminars


Essential Financial Tips for Canadians

Retirement Planning: Pitfalls and Myths


“We were approaching retirement and not completely sure where we stood or if we could we afford to retire next year, as we originally planned.

When Steve broke down everything in terms of income, expenses, timing of CPP/OAS and retirement goals, we felt much more in control. The plan he laid out for us will also save us a significant amount of tax as we move forward with this next stage of our lives.

Working with Steve was a solid investment.”

– Dan and Diane T.

Financial Planning: Don’t Overlook These Details

“Before working with Steve, I was very confused with the conflicting advice I received from financial institutions, family, and friends. I was a saver but didn’t have any knowledge on how to invest my money or organize my budget.

Steve gave me a big picture of my current financial state and helped me draw realistic financial goals and provided me with practical strategies to achieve these goals. I now feel confident with what to do and also how to respond to unexpected emergencies. I think the most important aspect was that the coaching was tailored to my unique circumstances.

The Money Coaching fee was reasonable and money well spent. The hidden management fees in mutual funds would have cost far more than what I paid for a Money Coach, and I wouldn’t have benefitted from Steve’s exceptional knowledge.”

– Katherine C., M.D.

Cash Flow: Smart Budgeting to Reach Your Goals


“We were at a place in our lives where we really wanted to take charge of our finances; our savings were non-existent, credit cards were maxed out and we were stressed.

In five months of working with Steve we were able to pay off over $12,000 in debt!

My wife and I both agree that working with Steve was the best decision we could have made, and we are looking forward to walking the path that Steve has help to create.”

– J & D Peterson


“Knowing that you are making the best possible financial decisions is priceless.”

Steve’s Style

A planning engagement with Steve generally takes three months. He works with you in a systematic, organized, and supportive manner. So, get ready to dig in, explore, learn, and come out with a clear plan and the confidence to reach your financial goals.  

As an advice-only financial planner, Steve will not offer nor sell any investments, insurance or financial products. Your best interests and success will always come first.

How you can benefit from a customized plan:

· Strategic retirement planning
· Lower taxes
· Reduced investment fees
· Insurance counselling
· Personalized money management and budgeting
· Maximized savings
· Reduced interest on consumer debt
· Improved plan for your children’s education savings
· Optimal real estate decisions

Steve’s Story

Before becoming a personal finance professional, Steve relied on a traditional commission-based advisor. After poor results and receiving no personalized guidance, he was inspired to study formally.

Steve’s passion for financial education has also led him to become a public speaker. He enjoys making what can be a stressful subject fun, relevant, and interesting. 

As an expert in his field, Steve has been a resource for multiple media outlets (See below in the section ‘In the Press’).

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Recent Feedback from Steve’s Workplace Financial Literacy Sessions

Excellent! Great anecdotes, examples and easy-to-understand some of the more complicated concepts. This was one of the most useful presentations that I have attended at CRA. Would love to have this speaker back on some of the topics above. Thank you :-)

– KG

Great presenter and easy to understand. He makes great sense and removes the fear of finances

– CC

Honestly, it was the best event I’ve attended so far for Wellapalooza (CRA). Finances are such an important topic and this presentation was wonderful!

– KE

That was excellent. I thought I was already relatively financially savvy, but I’ve come away with some great ideas for how to improve.

– DP

Very good! I appreciate the answering of questions as the presentation progressed, and the explanations behind the suggestions given.

– CP

Video Testimonials


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