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Certified Financial Planner and Financial Literacy Speaker
North and West Vancouver, BC

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Empowering Transitions: A Journey with Steve Towards Financial Fulfillment

We are grateful to Steve for guiding us through a challenging transition with clear and logical steps to follow that achieved measurable results. Steve’s ability to share his knowledge and wisdom with good humour turned a process we were dreading into a fulfilling and empowering experience. Steve has a great skill in toning down blunt honesty with understanding and kindness; this kept us focused in understanding the importance of making some changes but with a positive and optimistic outlook. We look forward to our long-term relationship with Steve to continue progress towards meeting our financial goals.

– WV and PF

Turned My Life Around

Steve Bridge is an important person in my life who I will remember as helping me bounce back from a financial disaster. He truly cares and wants the best for his clients; I felt supported in the difficult steps I had to take to turn things around. He is responsible for helping me make better spending choices and be more in control of my money. I have more respect for my money and in turn, more respect for myself.

– Tania

Advice With No Pressure

Steve was amazing, and I felt really comfortable with him. He gave excellent suggestions and was never pushing. Anytime I had a question he was available or got back to me that same day. He made a huge difference in my future plans. I am very grateful and will continue to use him in the future. He is a very caring person with a great sense of humour.

– Nancy

Debt on Its Way Down

We had some real anxiety and uncertainty when it came to our finances, and we were unsure of where our money was going. We were not confident managing our money and wanted to pay down debt, live within our means, and also look ahead to our long-term goals.

Steve prepared a plan that gives us the tools and foresight to move us get closer to our short, medium and long-term goals every month. We’re managing our money in a stress-free way without making any noticeable day-to-day sacrifices; we’re just being smarter with what we have coming in. This plan has already paid for itself and our net worth has improved significantly since we started working with our Money Coach.

Our initial phase with Steve focused on our most immediate goal of paying down student debt and managing our money better on a day-to-day basis. In a year our debt should be paid off (which is amazing), and we should also reach our goal of saving for our wedding. After that, we will tackle our longer-term goals of a new home, travel and retirement.

We have already recommended Steve’s services to friends and family.

– Rosie and Daniela

Way Less Stressed!

My wife and I were very stressed about our money and where it was going every month; then we found Money Coaches Canada and Steve. Steve did a deep-dive into our finances like nothing we had seen or heard about before and created a customized plan for our monthly and annual spending. Going through this process allowed us to see where our money was going, and we can now make informed decisions around how we choose to spend it.

We no longer stress that the money in our account will run out before all the bills come in, our relationship with money is better and our net worth has gone up.

Steve was a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to continuing to work with him on a regular basis.

– Ryan and Jodie M.

The Best Money We’ve Spent

How did we feel about our money before working with Steve? Well, we felt everyone was trying to get a piece of it. Working with an advice-only planner was totally different – we could tell he was ‘on our side’.

Now, we feel secure we are doing the correct things for our retirement, with our investments and all parts of our financial lives. Throughout the process each aspect was broken down, discussed and explained in easy-to-understand terminology (no jargon!) and all questions were thoroughly answered.

Steve’s services initially seemed costly but were worth every penny. We toiled over getting an advice-only planner for years, and when we finally decided to do it, it turned out to be the best move we ever made. We feel a great sense of relief knowing we are on the right track with room for future changes.

We have already recommended Steve’s services to friends and colleagues and believe unbiased financial advice is the way to go.

Steve was the perfect planner for us, he was very personable, and it was a pleasure working with him.

– Drew and Kathleen Kandborg

Retirement Plan All Sorted

Preparing for retirement is not easy and when we first met Steve, we were overwhelmed and unsure of what to do or how to do it. This changed in the past months as he patiently answered all of our questions, addressed all of our concerns and prepared a comprehensive plan that took into consideration everything related to our retirement including minimizing taxes, when to take OAS and CPP, RRSPs, RRIFs, drawdown strategies, investments, cash flow, estate planning and insurance. We now know that our retirement will be worry free and we feel a lot better!

From our first meeting to our last, we were very impressed with Steve’s knowledge. Being an ‘advice-only’ planner, we knew he always had our best interests in mind.

Steve’s services were excellent value and we would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting unbiased professional advice for their retirement planning.

– Liz and Drew N.

Peace of Mind

Before working with Steve, I felt unaware of the ins and outs of my finances. I was making money, but I had no idea what to do with it. I now feel incredibly empowered and educated about my own finances. Creating a plan with Steve and knowing where all my money is going makes me feel assured and confident.

My net worth has improved significantly since I started working with Steve. I have saved money and made big purchases, while at the same time paying off a large amount of debt. Also, I feel much better about my ability to weather unexpected circumstances and have an account set up for a rainy day. Peace of mind and confidence I am doing the right thing are priceless.

I would absolutely recommend working with Steve to everyone!

– Chris

Empowering Decision Making for Our Future

Steve was a great coach; he was professional, friendly and always positive. We would definitely recommend his services. The value was excellent.

Previously, we were worried and unsure about where the funds would come from for our yearly finances. Through working with Steve, we now know exactly where our money is going and can make informed decisions on our spending and saving. When unexpected events happen, we are prepared and can make changes to our plan accordingly.

– Brad and Brenda

Top of The Line Consulting

I came to Steve because I had limited knowledge on investments and virtually no idea of how to begin. Now, I not only have a better understanding of investing, but also of my spending and how the two are directly related. I’m able to live comfortably while continuing to save and grow my investments for the future.

Steve translates financials into plain English for the average Joe. What sometimes seemed like friendly banter was all part of the sophisticated plan that Steve was crafting for me.

Yes, this was pricey, but worth every dollar. I look forward to continuing to work with Steve.

Absolutely top of the line consulting!

– Jesse

Professional and Courteous

Even though I was fairly organized and had cash reserves set aside in case of emergency before meeting with Steve, I didn’t have a clear idea of what my retirement was going to look like. What a difference a few months makes! After working with Steve, I have a much better understanding of my finances, and in particular, what I will be able to afford in retirement and how I will supplement my pension.

You can tell that Steve is truly passionate about helping others gain control of their financial future. His financial knowledge and competence were excellent, and he patiently answered all of my questions and explained, in simple to understand terms, the background to his advice.

I feel much better about achieving my goals and I received great value for the money I paid.

I would definitely recommend Steve’s services to anyone who wants independent professional advice.

– Janice W.

A Worthy Education

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with my Money Coach, Steve. He did a fantastic job educating me on what I need to know about my finances and providing me with the knowledge and a plan to succeed.

Before meeting Steve, I lacked confidence when it came to making financial decisions, especially around investing, budgeting and goal setting. Now I feel in control and I am planning my financial future rather than merely reacting. Steve patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions and spoke in plain language (no jargon!) that I could easily understand. Working with Steve was worth every penny of my investment.

I can certainly recommend Steve to anyone, regardless of their age or financial situation, who would like reliable, honest, and thorough guidance.

– Gora

A Steady Hand

We feel in more control of our finances after having worked with a Money Coach. Steve not only assisted us in improving our relationship with money, but he was instrumental in coming up with an appropriate allocation for our investments.

Our medium and long-term goals are more tangible than before we met Steve. He certainly knows his stuff and is very competent with his financial knowledge and ability to answer our varied questions patiently.

We can certainly see the value in working with a Money Coach and would recommend Steve and Money Coaches Canada to anyone looking for professional advice, coaching, and a steady hand.

– Mark F and Margaret Z

The Plan Has Already Paid For Itself

Prior to working with Steve, we were frustrated because even though we both have good jobs, we were not coming any closer to meeting our financial goals.

We chose to work with a Money Coach to help us get on track; it was a fantastic investment! Steve gave us excellent financial advice and, best of all, he didn’t sell us any products (mutual funds, insurance etc.).

Money Coaching is excellent value. We have already saved more money than we paid for the service! It is great to feel confident that our money is going where we want, rather than us just working for more money.

We are now in far greater control of our finances, and the detailed program Steve created allows us to see where every dollar goes.

Steve’s comprehensive plan was very well thought out and takes into consideration all of our personal goals both in the short term, to buy a new house, and for the future, to save for our children’s education and retire comfortably.

– Colby and Bronwyn

Excellent Financial Guidance

We did not know where to start and it seemed as if our situation was dire. With Steve’s coaching we were able to get clarity and start to move forward. His balanced approach shows you that there will be sacrifices, but that the return on your personal goals will be the payoff. We now see a better way to manage our expenses.

Anyone who needs financial guidance and awareness can benefit from working with Steve. He was very professional and came well prepared for our sessions. It was obvious he had our best interests in mind and we highly recommend his services.

– Paul and Lisa

From Confused to Organized, Energized and Well-Prepared

I had many concerns about retirement finances, which proved to be largely misdirected even though they were based on years of reading financial columns in major newspapers.

Steve has created a clear plan specific to my circumstances. I was surprised to discover that working with him had an almost therapeutic dimension in that the process enabled me to see my circumstances through the eyes of a financial analyst who was always ‘on my side’ while remaining focused and objective.

Everything has been organized and mapped and I have a clear, comprehensive ‘game plan’ in place. With Steve’s help, I feel more in control, energized and optimistic about my financial future than I would have believed possible several months ago. The retirement process no longer seems daunting.

Steve is an excellent communicator, always energetic and meticulously prepared. We accomplished an enormous amount in a short time and I look forward to working with him on an ongoing basis.

– Lorraine

From Overwhelmed To On Track

Even though we have two good incomes, my husband and I felt overwhelmed and discouraged about ever being able to get out of debt and spend within our means. We had got to a point where our money was controlling us and we needed help.

Now that we have worked with Steve, we have a plan, are communicating better and feel much better about reaching our short, medium and long-term goals. Every dime we spend is accounted for, and we can make informed decisions on our spending.

Steve’s financial knowledge, advice and coaching ability have helped us increase our net worth, decrease our debt and take control over our money.

We received excellent value for the price we paid and would be quick to recommend Steve’s services to friends and family or anyone who wants to feel better about their finances.

– Petra and David

Feel a Lot Better Now!

When I started working with Steve, I felt overwhelmed and without direction. He took the time to understand my goals and designed an easy to follow plan that is allowing me to achieve my short and long-term goals. Being accountable to someone and seeing my net worth grow were huge motivators.

I really enjoyed my time working with Steve and feel a lot better now. He built my confidence and showed me how to be disciplined with money. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who wants to get control and confidence over their money.

– Kevin Ngo, TELUS Business Solutions

Wish I’d started working with Steve sooner!

Before working with Steve money issues were keeping me up at night – specifically how to pay off debt and start a savings plan. Steve helped me not only get a handle on debt, but he also helped me develop a plan to make sure I was getting the most out of every dollar. He really paid attention to what my goals are and tailored the plan to meet them. Steve really cares about his clients and has a passion for helping them reach financial stability. Working with him and Money Coaches Canada has made a huge difference in both my financial situation and my knowledge about finances. I only wish I’d started working with Steve sooner!

– Jen

Sharp and Confident Professional

I was approaching retirement and wasn’t sure I was financially prepared. Steve helped me put in place a workable, understandable plan for moving forward in retirement. I don’t stress at all about financial “what if’s” any more… I know I can handle whatever comes up. The results and benefits I gained from working with Steve far outweighed the cost. I was lucky to have found the right person to help me plan and organize for my retirement and would recommend his services to anyone who wants to feel truly prepared for retirement or other life transitions.

– Kathy

Simple and Workable Solutions

I was not confident that I could retire with the finances that I have, so I looked for a financial adviser who could help me with my financial and legacy planning.

Steve formulated simple and workable solutions that will help my retirement be more enjoyable and provide me with peace of mind.

He answered all my question and recommended strategies to deal with financial issues and provided contact names for investments and help with developing a will.

I now feel far better about reaching my financial goals.

– Tony

Exceptionally Valuable to Me

Since meeting with my Money Coach, Steve, I now know what I need to do to reach my financial goals. Steve has helped me approach my goals in bite size/manageable steps as opposed to feeling that it is too overwhelming to address.

I have become more organised with how I track and separate business and personal finances which has helped to make things far clearer.

My net worth has increased while working with Steve and I am continuing with ongoing coaching as the accountability, support and guidance that he offers are exceptionally valuable to me.

I would recommend Steve’s services to anyone who wants to have a better financial future.

– Starr M.

Making Retirement a Reality

My husband and I needed some guidance to make sure we had enough money to retire comfortably. Steve was the perfect money coach to guide us in the process of making a long term plan. At first we were not sure if the cost would be worth it, but now that we have the final results we know it was totally worth it. Steve helped us to set up a monthly budget that we can stick to comfortably and which includes money for long term savings, retirement investments, emergency funds, and a travel fund so we can continue to enjoy life now while at the same time saving for retirement. Steve also ran our numbers through various scenarios so we could see what our options were for retirement. We now have peace of mind that if we stick to the plan we will retire comfortably. We also got advice on where to invest our money in order to make it work better for us. Thanks so much Steve for your patience, cheerfulness, generosity and thoroughness. You were a pleasure to work with.

– Pat and Jose

Expert Help for Life Transitions

Being new in Canada and just started our professions, my husband and I really needed an expert to show us how to manage our finances. Steve, so passionately, helped us figure out how to use our limited budget and at the same time, invest for the future of our growing family. Now, that we are expecting our first baby, it is hard for us to imagine we could have enjoyed the peace of mind we have now, without his advice. Thanks Steve!

– Shiva

Empowered for the Future

Before working with Steve, my financial knowledge was minimal and my planning didn’t extend very far. Steve empowered me to plan for the future and to look beyond my month-to-month bills. Through his support and coaching, I was able to set (and achieve) goals like saving for a home, paying for my daughter’s education, and being able to retire financially secure.

Steve has increased my financial knowledge and motivated me to take action. I’m thankful for his help and patience, and for always having my best interests in mind. I highly recommend Steve and Money Coaches for financial planning.

– Cynthya

Making Our Current and Future Dreams a Reality

We want to thank Steve for his incredible help with setting us up with a sound financial plan that we will be able to continue to follow for years to come. Steve helped us to begin making our current and future dreams a reality. With his professional, caring, and understanding approach, Steve got to know us so that he could help us to set up a plan that was personalized to our goals. He helped to simplify the process of how we can make our money work for us so that we are able to afford and save for the things that are important. Steve we want to thank you for all of your time, patience, and effort. We look forward to a bright financial future and being able to participate in all of our many adventures to come!

– Laura & Carl

Clarity and Confidence

After working with Steve I now have a much better grip on my finances. I now know where my money is going and can make informed choices on my spending. The confidence and control I have feel great! I’m achieving my financial goals thanks to Steve.

– Josh N.

The Human Touch in the Financial World

Being financially stable and enjoying life early is a rare occasion, but I never thought of being financially thriving by my mid-twenties. The best part about working with Steve is the way he shows and explains what to do, instead of just telling you what to do. I was able to learn a lot about investing, saving, life insurance and other topics through his approach. His easy going and understanding personality makes the process very enjoyable – I always looked forward to our meetings. He is very responsive to your needs, and will go the extra mile to give you answers to any of your questions, in language that is easy to understand.

Lastly, Steve shows you how to take control of your finances for the long term, which is to me, is the most valuable lesson he taught me.

– Clem

Net Worth Going Up!

Before working with Steve I never felt I had the spare money to save for the future.

Steve set up a budget for me which I thought I would never be able to live on, but found out I wasn’t spending it all. The budget freed up other money which I never knew I had and all of a sudden I see my net worth going up.

Working with Steve has made me excited about what my money can do for me.

– Lawrence