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Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

By Noel D’Souza, CFP® Getting good financial advice in Canada is tricky – trickier than it should be in my opinion. The main challenges facing someone seeking unbiased financial advice can be summed up by the following three questions: Can I … Continue reading

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My Financial Advisor is Making More from My Investments Than I Am; What Should I Do?

By Karin Mizgala, Co-Founder and CEO, Money Coaches Canada To say that many Canadians are cynical and wary of advice from the financial industry would not be overstating the situation. The idea of hidden fees and commissions buried in investment … Continue reading

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How Do I Break Up With My Investment Advisor?

By Steve Bridge, B.A. (Hons.), FPSC Level 1® How did you choose your investment advisor? If you are like many Canadians, your advisor is the one who had an open slot when you called your bank for an appointment, three, five … Continue reading

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Book Review: Findependence Day by Jonathan Chevreau

The editor of MoneySense magazine has written another book called Findependence Day: How to achieve Financial Independence — while you’re still young enough to enjoy it. This time it’s a financial novel telling a story, instead of the usual factual … Continue reading

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How Should You Invest Your Extra Cash, is DIY Investing Right for You, What is the Best Investing Strategy for Retirement, and More

Karin Mizgala, CEO of Money Coaches Canada, and Daniel Evans, Advice-Only Financial Planner and Investment Coach, sat down recently to talk about choosing between the various investment options, investing strategies for retirement, and the impact from COVID-19. In addition to … Continue reading

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Why Financial Literacy Isn’t Enough 

By Karin Mizgala, Co-Founder and CEO of Money Coaches Canada November is financial literacy month, and this year is its 10th anniversary. Interesting timing with COVID-19 raging in our midst and financial well-being feels more precarious than ever before.  There are … Continue reading

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Our Founders’ Story

In the early-1990’s, Karin Mizgala was on the fast track to success in the finance industry on Bay Street. Meanwhile, in a nearby tower, Sheila Walkington was launching her own promising career in financial services. While it would be years … Continue reading

Our Founders’ Story

A lot has happened over the past decade since we launched Money Coaches Canada in 2010. When Sheila and I started working together our initial desire was a simple one. We wanted to offer our clients truly independent and meaningful … Continue reading

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Setting New Financial Goals during the Pandemic

By Sheila Walkington,  co-founder and CFO Money Coaches Canada It’s been almost six months since phrases like; shelter-in-place, work from home, physical distancing, and social bubbles, have become part of the daily conversation. Wearing a mask in public started out … Continue reading

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The Financial Realities of Retirement during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Karin Mizgala, co-founder and CEO Money Coaches Canada These are disquieting times. The way we live has been upended. For many Canadians, after their physical health, their financial well-being has been top-of-mind. And while many financial investments have bounced … Continue reading

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