Your Money Map

If you’re tired of worrying about your finances and ready to take control, this workbook is for you. Practical and hands-on, Your Money Map equips you with extensive knowledge and an immediately actionable plan for reducing your financial stress and directing money to your priorities. Whether you’re completely lost in matters of finance or simply seeking confirmation that you’re on the right track, this workbook is the perfect start for taking your life in the desired direction.

By working through Your Money Map you will have:

  • A financial plan that is simple, flexible and powerful
  • A clearer understanding of your life priorities and how to customize your finances accordingly
  • The ability to assess the financial risks and opportunities of life choices
  • The knowledge and vocabulary for evaluating financial products
  • A more empowered relationship with a financial advisor and/or spouse

Your Money Map will redefine your relationship with money and jump-start the process for achieving your goals.

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