COVID-19 Updates

Message from our co-founders, Karin and Sheila

Like you, we are watching closely as events unfold around us. We are focusing all of our efforts on staying connected with our clients and keeping up to date on resources and strategies to assist our community.

All of our Money Coaches are working with new and existing clients by phone or using on-line meeting tools, service delivery methods that we have many years of experience in.

In the conversations we’ve been having with clients and the investment and financial planning community, the message is consistent. Hold tight. The best decisions are made from information not fear. There are opportunities for growth within the chaos of the moment.

Although it’s impossible to know how long the crisis will last and what the impacts will be on our economy in the short to medium term, we have an opportunity to emerge more resilient, more prepared and wiser for it.

We are here to help.

We are dedicated to serving our clients and community by:

  • Providing services to our clients and community through phone and on-line meeting tools
  • Encouraging our staff and contractors to work from home and practice social distancing
  • Carrying out the highest available service standard of sanitization when in person connections are required
  • Encouraging staff, contractors and clients to stay informed about the facts through reputable sources: Public Health Agency of Canada, World Health Organization
  • Sharing tips, commentary and resources on our blog, facebook and twitter on how to navigate these challenging times with more confidence and ease.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the impact of the markets or economy on your financial plan, we’re here for you.  

You can call your Money Coach directly or you can reach us at 1-855-877-0977 or via email

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