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Have you had the talk?

By Karen Richardson, FPSC Level 1™ Kids are surrounded by sexy advertising everyday. And although you think you are being discreet, they see all the plastic cards in your wallet; credit cards, debit cards, even loyalty cards. You know it’s just … Continue reading

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Success Story: Devon – learning to be intentional with money changed everything

Devon is a successful photographer and event planner who understands the balance between tracking daily details while not losing sight of the larger project. So when he lost his personal financial footing he recognized the benefit of turning to a professional and contacted Money … Continue reading

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Five reasons budgets fail

The majority of our clients make a very good income, yet many find themselves struggling to get ahead financially. Time and again one of the first things we’re asked is; what am I doing wrong?  Most have tried to stick … Continue reading

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The key to financial resolutions that succeed

Have you ever looked at your credit card statement and been washed by a wave of guilt, because you broke your resolution to spend less? If you have, you’re certainly not alone. Why do resolutions lose the power to motivate? … Continue reading

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