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I Make a Good Income, But Can’t Get Out of Debt. What Should I Do Differently?

By Kathryn Mandelcorn, FMA You did all the right things. You went to school and earned a good education. You’ve worked hard and been promoted. You earn upwards of $100,000 a year; yet increasing debt has your stomach in knots. You … Continue reading

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A Powerful Framework to Teach Kids about Money

By Kathryn Mandelcorn, FMA How we feel about money, and how we manage it, has a lot to do with what our parents did or did not do. We carry our money beliefs, positive and negative, from our childhood straight into … Continue reading

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Three habits that may be keeping you in debt and one that can change everything

By Kathryn Mandelcorn, FMA Have you ever dreamed about what you’d do if you won the lottery? It can be fun to imagine sudden wealth and all its possibilities. Many people preface their plans with; first I’d pay off all my … Continue reading

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Success Story: Robin and James – from knowledge to action

Note: The couple’s names have been changed for privacy. Robin and James were young professionals in their 30’s when they contacted Money Coach Kathryn Mandelcorn. They were frustrated because they made a combined income over $150,000 but they had $45,000 … Continue reading

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Be the architect of your financial future

By Kathryn Mandelcorn, FMA You are not born with a set of values around money. The blueprint for your financial habits and behaviors is drawn by the experiences and significant people in your past and present. The current state of … Continue reading

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