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Credit card rewards: perk or pitfall?

By Karen Richardson, FPSC Level 1TM Certificant in Financial Planning Credit cards, when used carefully, can play a positive role in your financial life. Using credit wisely is critical to building a solid credit history. If you need a loan or … Continue reading

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Have you had the talk?

By Karen Richardson, FPSC Level 1™ Kids are surrounded by sexy advertising everyday. And although you think you are being discreet, they see all the plastic cards in your wallet; credit cards, debit cards, even loyalty cards. You know it’s just … Continue reading

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Should you give your kids an allowance?

By Karen Richardson, HBOR Parents often ask me if they should give their children an allowance. The answer is yes! As our children grow and change they will have many different dreams for their future, but whichever path they take … Continue reading

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Podcast – Back to school

Back to School  Featuring: Christine White and Karen Richardson: Family Money Experts from www.moneycoachescanada.ca Back to school season is almost here! Christine and Karen, both moms and Money Coaches with Money Coaches Canada, talk about back to school shopping, managing kids … Continue reading

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