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I’m Working Really Hard, But Not Getting Ahead. Five Misconceptions Keeping You Stuck

By Alison Stafford, CFP® How often have you thought—I could get out of debt and save more for retirement, if only I made more money. It appears to make sense; that more money would be the answer to your financial worries. … Continue reading

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Why the short answer may not be right answer

By Alison Stafford, CFP® Money questions often appear straight forward, for example: should I pay down my mortgage or contribute to an RSP? But rarely, if ever, is one decision about money not impacted or influenced by your complete financial situation. … Continue reading

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The money goal that’s often neglected

By Alison Stafford, FPSC Level 1TM Certificant in Financial Planning At this time of year lots of people set goals, and it’s certainly not unusual for one of those goals to be about money. This year I’m going to pay … Continue reading

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