Tom Feigs, CFP®, CET

Certified Financial Planner & Money Coach | Calgary, AB | Not accepting new clients

Tom Specializes in Assisting:

  • Couples and Families
  • Health Professionals
  • Business Owners

Tom Specializes in:

  • Business Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre-Retirement Planning

“The journey is as important as the destination. It’s very satisfying to help people match their finances to their life journey, whatever that may be.”

Tom’s Style

Tom is a calm, patient and reassuring person.

Tom uses a common sense approach with money matters. He encourages people to become more aware and take control of their financial interests. Empowering them to make good money decisions. Worry is replaced by a clear and workable plan for your future.

Always striving to build long-term relationships with his growing client base and provide excellent customer service.

Tom’s Story

With over eight years of experience in the financial planning field, Tom has broad experience in financial planning, retirement planning, money coaching and all kinds of unique personal money situations. His client base consists of pre-retirement clients, business owners and professionals, consultants, and retirees. Tom is Certified as a Financial Planner by the Financial Planning Standards Council.

“I’m proud of the fact that I’ve never ever been in the business of selling financial products. I’m a pure coach and planner and that’s the way it’s going to stay.”, says Tom.

Away from the business, he enjoys family time, home projects, snowboarding and especially the outdoors and around a campfire. Tom is a proud father of two adult children, has a symbiotic relationship with his loving wife and enjoys a large extended family. His previous career was a Technologist and Team Visualization leader in the Earth Sciences.

Tom is a regular contributor to several Canadian money magazines. He also does workshops and speaking engagements in the Calgary area.

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My husband and I worked with Tom in late 2019. At that time, I was obsessed with using budgeting apps and trying to get control of what was happening with our money. I was burning out in it. Working with Tom was an incredible investment because it landed us with a low effort budget system that required no obsessing and maintainable. It provided the foundation we need to begin to actually saving effectively for the future.

– Katie and Tommy Mikalson

When we got engaged, it became clear that we needed a plan to get our finances organised. Having a plan for the future was always a goal for us, however we had never been able to commit to a realistic and sustainable plan on how to manage our combined income. To put it plainly, we didn’t have any really bad habits, but we didn’t have any really good ones either in regards to our spending and saving. Signing up for financial planning with Tom Feigs was a game changer. We are serious when we say that his advice and guidance has genuinely changed our lives for the better. We went from not knowing how we would make rent every month to exceeding the goals we had set for ourselves for savings. We couldn’t recommend Tom Feigs more. He was honest, helpful, relatable and allowed us to decide what was a priority in our lives.

– Tom & Taylor

I was just talking with Deanna about when we first came to see you for money coaching. We thought that we should give you an update. We moved to Ontario and moved in with my parents temporarily which allowed us to pay off our outstanding credit and line of credit debt. We saved $17,000 for a home down payment and recently bought our family home. We would just like to thank you for helping to set up a plan and visualize a path to achieving this goal of home ownership. Our next step is working on paying off our student debts and investing in our children’s educations and our retirement plan. We could not have done it without you.

– Deanna & Chad K.

I found engaging Tom as a fee-for-service advisor to help me draft a retirement plan was money well spent. This gave me the comfort of knowing my planned retirement horizon is achievable given my resources and following a tax efficient withdrawal plan drawn up by Tom. Tom is very thorough and uses realistic assumptions to flesh out a plan that suited my circumstances. I would highly recommend Tom’s services for retirement planning.

– SC

When I contacted Money Coaches Canada I was so worried, confused and stressed about my finances. My coach Tom took away these feelings. I understand better where I’m at in terms of retirement and saving schedule, and have a better sense of how to balance life decisions like renovations, etc. The plan, and all the scenarios, were thorough, thoughtful, and detailed. I will always be referring to them. I definitely appreciated his flexibility and compassion! I have and will continue to recommend Tom as a Money Coach.

– Laura W.

Tom has excellent financial knowledge. He was able to respond to all our questions and concerns very quickly. Tom’s ability to patiently coach us through this process was superb and the retirement projections and planning are extremely useful. We would not hesitate to recommend the Money Coaches Canada program and our Coach Tom to others.

– Trevor B.

We were frustrated and confused. We knew our income was good but couldn’t wrap our heads around why we weren’t making any head way. Tom was great! He implemented a plan that worked for us. Considering our priorities forced us to face our spending issues and work together to get back on track. We finally saw our debt reducing and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was probably the best financial decision we have ever made. Definitely strengthened our marriage.

– Jennifer N & Gareth L, Edmonton AB

The thought of learning about finances was extremely scary. Tom made it less ‘painful’ of a process for us and helped put our minds at ease with our finances. He showed us that knowledge surrounding our financial situation is empowering.We feel that the investment was well worth it. We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without the coaching both financially and personally in our relationship.

– Arianne & Daryl, Calgary AB

We were very stressed and really didn’t have an understanding of our options to turn our financial situation around. Tom has been simply amazing to work with and was very understanding of what we were going through. He has answered all of our questions immediately and has really stayed in touch with us throughout the whole process. Now we work at our finances as a team and feel like we can face and solve unexpected money situations.

– Shannon/Greg, Ingersoll, Ontario

Before meeting with Tom, I tended to avoid thinking about money and then found myself firefighting when the credit card came due. Tom took the time to get a clear picture of my lifestyle and spending pattern. He then helped me create a system that separates my pay cheque into compartments that match my spending and savings goals. I now feel better about managing money and am confident that my longer term goals can be achieved.

– Jim W., Calgary, AB

We didn’t really understand the state of our finances – there are so many moving parts! Tom put in place a system that helped us assess our situation and “painlessly” challenge ourselves. Tom also encouraged us to be equally involved. We are making better decisions on a daily basis which is leading us to greater financial stability.

Another huge benefit is to come to understand where you want to be in the long run. We now feel like we’re in control and have a partner to help us along the way.

-Debra Jonasson-Young, Retail Executive and Scott Young, Retired, Winnipeg, MB