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Liisa Tatem, CPA, CA, CFDS, CFP®

Liisa Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Business Owners/Self-Employed
  • Professionals

Liisa Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Cash Flow Planning
  • Planning through transitions (divorce, loss of spouse/partner, career change)

“Money is a tool for reaching our goals. Finances, faced squarely and managed with intention, can provide a life of abundance.”

Liisa’s Style

Down-to earth, compassionate, and ever practical, Liisa knows the best place to start is exactly where you are today. She believes every situation has a solution and a path forward; it’s a question of clarity surrounding your current circumstances and a plan for your future. She has a knack for finding and untangling the “stuck places” that keep people from moving forward with their financial goals.

Liisa’s Story

Liisa comes from modest beginnings; her family experienced many significant financial obstacles throughout her childhood. Yet Liisa never believed she lacked anything in life and was always happy with what she had.

It was her parents’ struggle that inspired Liisa to understand the workings of money. She became a CPA chartered accountant, a chartered business valuator, and a certified financial divorce specialist. But finance alone didn’t allow Liisa the opportunity to really impact people’s lives. She pursued therapeutic and life-coach training, but again there was something missing. She wanted to find the point at which money and emotions met. Liisa found that meeting place in Money Coaches Canada.

Whether she is meeting with a couple, a small business owner, a professional, or someone struggling with a life transition such as a divorce, Liisa wants to understand their goals, values, and what brought them to money coaching.

“Then we can make an honest, non-judgemental assessment of their current situation. We often uncover and reframe beliefs that have kept them stuck. Armed with this knowledge, we create a spending and savings plan that supports their goals. People get excited about their financial potential; it’s a very positive experience.”

Liisa is an empathetic listener who understands the stress money worries can have on an individual or an entire family, but her life experience and training have also taught her that there is always a way forward, there is always a solution.


From Uncertainty to Confidence

We were unsure about our retirement sources of income and whether we were saving enough towards our retirement. Liisa was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all our questions and concerns. We feel very confident about our retirement now. We now have short, medium, and long term action plans that are geared to our family. Liisa was excellent and well worth our money.

– Sarah and Nathan H

My Money Controlled Me Now I Am In Charge

Before I started working with Liisa I felt overwhelmed, confused and scared about my money. Through the money coaching process, I now have a better understanding of my finances and where my money goes.

Liisa and I developed a realistic budget and a system for managing my cash flow that is clear and easy to follow. It has been a pleasure working with Liisa. She is very knowledgeable and is also respectful in the way she engages in a private area of life, loaded with expectations.

I now feel I have more control over my finances and the confidence and knowledge to make good money decisions. My money managed me now I manage my money and I enjoy it!

– Carola

From Anxiety to Peace of Mind

Before working with Liisa I was deeply concerned about our debt and our path to retirement. I was hesitant to spend the money on a financial plan; I was concerned that the process wouldn’t be sufficient to change our behaviour and put us on a path to financial security.

I am so glad we opted to work with Liisa. Liisa really listened to our wants and needs and we truly felt Liisa was on our side. Through working with Liisa we gained clarity around our finances and gained an understanding of the impact of our short-term decisions on our long-term goals. We have been able to make changes in our life we didn’t know were possible and have a new freedom and peace of mind. Thank you.

– Geraldine

What will my retirement look like?

I began working with Liisa to better understand what retirement lifestyle I could expect based on my assets and various sources of income. Did I need to keep working? Did I need to move? How much could I spend each year? Working with Liisa gave me clarity around these questions. She listened to my concerns and gained a broader understanding of my life in order to provide me with the financial guidance I needed. Now I can move forward with my finances knowing how they fit into my life and what next steps I need to take.

– Claire

Reducing Debt Anxiety – Moving towards Financial Freedom

Working with Liisa has given me a clear picture of my monthly costs, the level of expenditures I can anticipate, and the impact of those expenses on my debt levels. I now have a better understanding of how to manage my income to meet my obligations and I have made progress in reducing my debt. Liisa has been a sounding board for debt reduction strategies and provided me with the information I needed to make decisions around how to repay and minimize debt. When unexpected expenditures arise I can now make an informed choice about incurring these costs and I can calculate their impact. It makes me feel like I have options whereas before I just felt paralyzed.

As a single parent it has been difficult to avoid getting into debt to meet the needs of my family. I have two kids in university and fears about debt levels and retirement savings dominated much of my daily thinking and were affecting other areas of my life. I didn’t like the negative mind frame I found myself in – something needed to change.

Money Coaching has lessened my anxiety around money because I have new clarity and more knowledge about my situation and someone to guide and support me through the process. I look forward to continuing on this path and increasing my financial freedom.

– Marni M., Vancouver

Starting Out Right

As I began working full time and supporting myself I found that I didn’t have clarity around my monthly expenditures, how much I could spend and how much I should save. In addition, I didn’t fully understand how investments or RRSPs worked and was hesitant to address these things.

Working with Liisa I found that I have enough money to do the things I want in my life while saving for my future. Liisa was non-judgmental and accepting of where I was at and supported me in setting up a financial system that gave each dollar a job. As a result of our work I now feel much more knowledgeable about money and secure that I have enough to follow my dreams and support me through challenges. What a great way to start my independence!

– Brendan T. Kitchener, Waterloo