Daniel Evans, BSc. CLU® CFP®

Certified Financial Planner & Investment Coach | Vancouver, BC

Daniel Specializes in Assisting:

  • Business Owners and the Self-Employed
  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Newcomers to Canada

Daniel Specializes in:

  • Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning for employees, business owners and clients with variable income
  • Retirement Planning for business owners
  • Investment Planning and Portfolio Reviews

“Clarify your actions today, so you can look forward to your future with direction and confidence.”

Daniel’s Style

Daniel’s coaching philosophy focuses on educating and empowering clients to make informed financial decisions. He provides a non-judgmental space to openly discuss goals and concerns. Daniel works closely with his clients to build the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their financial future.

Daniel’s Story

When Daniel graduated with a degree in math and economics, he was determined to succeed in the world of finance. He joined a large wealth management firm, built a successful practice, and rose quickly through the ranks to a management position. During this time, he continued his education and earned the Chartered Life Underwriter and Certified Financial Planner designations.

As the industry evolved, Daniel searched for an opportunity to provide unbiased and personalized advice that wasn’t tied to commissioned sales. He was thrilled to join Money Coaches Canada as an advice-only Financial Planner and Investment Coach. His compensation is now aligned with his values and is based on the quality of his advice, not the quantity of his sales.

Daniel specializes in creating customized financial and investment plans to help his clients reach their goals. With his guidance, Daniel’s clients gain clarity and comfort, and feel less anxious about their finances. Daniel loves hearing how alleviating his clients’ financial stress allows them to better enjoy each day and look forward to their future with direction and confidence.

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Optimistic Financial Future

Before working with Daniel, we were worried and had a lack of confidence in our financial planning. Daniel has helped us so much and we feel like we are in a much better place now. We are very optimistic about the future and are now confident in the ability to purchase our first home in Canada. The experience with Daniel has been life changing and we will continue working with him.

– Tane U

Investment Teacher

I was very worried about how to invest our money and if we had enough for retirement. Daniel was very approachable and willing to answer my questions. I learned a lot about finances and investing. He responded to questions and tailored his approach to my learning needs and style. I especially liked how he explained the four different venues for investing (DIY to Full service). My husband and I really enjoyed working with Daniel and I have told my family about Money Coaches Canada and Daniel. I felt he was a great teacher!

– Mary

Independent expert – well worth the cost

It was important to us to work with an independent fee for service company to develop a retirement income plan. Daniel was instrumental in working with us to provide reassurance that we can proceed with our plans. He provided detailed information on the retirement income plan that identified the source and method for withdrawal in a tax efficient manner. After working with Daniel, we are confident to move forward with retirement and have peace of mind regarding our finances. We see the benefits of a comprehensive financial plan for any stage. e.g., saving for a home, reducing debt/maximizing savings or retirement planning. There is no question that the investment of a professional expert like Daniel to prepare a customized retirement income plan is well worth the cost.

– Monica & Mike S

Focused Investing – the where and why

We were both anxious on how to manage some money we received. We received knowledgeable and excellent advice from Daniel on how to share it with our son, invest it wisely, and figure out a balance between our income, the tax implications, and our expenditures. We now have a plan for short-, medium- and long-term goals for our retirement. We feel very confident in our financial decisions with clear choices on where to focus our investing. We know the where and why. We now have a spending plan to guide us through retirement. We will continue to work with Daniel to optimize our financial well being.

– R & C

Retirement Income Planning

We felt uncertain regarding the decisions around timing of CPP, OAS, and our investment accounts. We wanted to make sure we were strategic with our withdrawals in retirement. Daniel did not judge our prior planning strategies. We especially appreciate the different scenarios provided and to see that there are several options and not just one perfect way.

– JK

Unbiased and Customized Advice

Before I started working with a Money Coach, I was unsure about how to manage my finances. I did not have a budget or know anything about investments. I was looking for unbiased advice, specific for my needs. It was very helpful to set out my goals and to get help with prioritizing my plan and to know that I can review and change it, as needed. I appreciate the customized plan and personalized information. I really enjoyed working with Daniel and I would recommend it for anyone who is uncertain about their financial situation.

– Imelda

Home Purchase Confidence

Prior to working with Money Coaches, my husband and I felt like we had a pretty good handle on budgeting and living within our means. However, we did not know how to plan for our financial future and achieve the type of lifestyle we want over the long term. Daniel was able to create different projections of our financial future based on buying versus renting a home, and his straightforward, rational advice in this respect gave us the confidence to buy our first home. We have so appreciated his guidance over the past few months. We would not have felt as confident in our home purchase without the advice we received from Daniel through our coaching sessions.

– Katie

Easy-To-Maintain Financial System

I didn’t have a close handle on where I was spending my money and felt like I was living beyond my means. After working with Daniel, I now have a budgeting template to work with moving forward. The budgeting and investment plans work well for my situation and is layered into a system with automated payments which makes it easy to maintain moving forward. I also have a better understanding of investing options and what choices to make to set myself up for saving for my retirement.

– Chelsea

Solid Retirement Projections

We had a solid start on investing and good income, but we needed more input on what to do for the future. We received lots of information and found the projections for retirement savings very helpful. We would recommend Daniel and believe that we received good value for our money.

– Scott and Darla

Actionable Plans

We felt as though working with money was a very difficult and confusing task. We now have actionable plans that can help us focus in on what we want our money to do. We are now able to have discussions regarding our financial future. We feel much better about our short-term goals and once we put the plan into place, the medium- and long-term goals will be more attainable.

– Lindsay & Shawn

Investment Report Card – Clears Confusion

I was determined to take time to understand my investments, something I had never done before. The Investment Report Card was my starting point which cleared away the confusion. I carefully studied the report, writing down questions to ask my coach, Daniel Evans, during our 1 hour conference. I came away from that meeting with helpful suggestions and a plan for my next steps. Daniel taught me a lot about my money and I felt comfortable with the entire process. I’m very satisfied that I decided to do this!

– Norma

Investment Planning

I had some concerns about the fees I was paying and the lack of service I had from my advisor. The Investment Report Card addressed these and gave me a workable plan. It helped ease my worries.

– Denise, Chiropractor

Secure and Empowered

We were lost when it came to the finer details of our finances. We needed help with budgeting and determining how much home we could afford while still feeling secure with the rest of our finances. Daniel helped us understand exactly where our money was going. He worked with us to craft a personalized financial plan. It was well-thought-out and detailed, and it outlined simple steps to achieve our short and long-term financial goals. We now have a much better understanding of our finances and feel empowered to reach our financial goals.

– John & Doreen, Estimator/SharePoint Developer

Investment and Retirement Analysis

We weren’t sure our investments were performing the way they should and we wanted to be more confident that our savings would allow us to retire in the fashion we desired. Daniel provided us with a good analysis of our investments and recommendations on how to proceed. The investment and retirement planning part of the process was extremely useful. We feel much better about our long-term goals now. We will continue working regularly with him and would recommend Daniel and his Money Coaching services.

– Joan and Ken