Barbara Knoblach, Ph.D., CFP®

Financial Planner & Money Coach | Edmonton, AB

Barbara Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Business Owners/Self-Employed
  • Professionals

Barbara Specializes in:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Planning Through Life Transitions
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning


“Freedom is instantaneous the moment we accept things as they are.”

Barbara’s Style

For Barbara, life consists of many choices. And choosing happiness is one of the most important. In her friendly, non-judgmental and analytic way, she empowers her clients to see opportunity and promise, and build upon their many accomplishments. She helps them set priorities and manage their most important resources – time and money.

Barbara’s Story

Barbara is more than a financial planner and Money Coach. She is also a research scientist who investigates a genetic disorder that afflicts young children.

Like many career-driven professionals, she has held several positions over the years. She has lived in four different countries across three continents, learning to overcome language and cultural barriers along the way. All of this has taught her to eliminate clutter from her life and to focus on a few core values, such as personal integrity and financial independence.

Barbara’s clients are well educated and accomplished. She works with busy physicians and other high-income earners who encounter unique financial challenges. Competing demands on cash flow caused by student loans, starting a family, and buying a home are common for early-career physicians. Mid to late-career physicians often navigate complex investment, tax, and retirement planning decisions as they grow their wealth and plan for the future.

Many of Barbara’s clients also enlist her support to help them attain financial freedom and begin enjoying the fruits of their labour – well in advance of the traditional retirement age of 65.

Barbara creates financial plans that are both workable and specifically designed for her clients. The empowerment that clients experience in working with Barbara helps them build confidence and significantly improves their financial well-being. Barbara is most proud of the long-term relationships she’s cultivated with her clients and seeing the achievement of their personal and professional ambitions.

Barbara is also available for speaking engagements and media inquiries.

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Long-term commitment shows massive payoff

My partner and I have benefited greatly from Barbara’s expertise! She is our biggest cheerleader in achieving our financial goals. She is genuinely interested in our success and remains extremely organized and invested in helping us. We started in 2015 and were impressed instantly by what she had to share from the initial intake form. Once we started we found her approach to budgeting quite easy to execute and time saving compared to just tracking our expenses. In the beginning we worried about the initial outlay of money and we can assure anyone thinking the same way, that hiring Barbara has been one of our most successful investments.

Even though adopting new behaviors and methods is challenging, in no time we had found a rhythm and could see quickly how this was going to work well for us. From there she helped us to fine tune our complete financial picture! How to maximize our investments and understand the different options that exist for investing; identify what insurance products we require; and plan for our retirement by creating scenarios with different variables. She taught us how to engage with our bank advisor to get the most out of the products they offer, whether it’s utilizing multiple accounts as money folders or negotiating a mortgage. Barbara has a kind and non-judgmental approach and we are thrilled to be working with her.

– Wen and Greg

Huge Jump in Net Worth!

Just an FYI – my net worth has increased by $381,510 since we started working together in March 2018. That’s amazing.

Thank you again for all your work with me, I have enjoyed our journey and look forward to where we get to in future years.

– Rachael K.

Navigating a Tumultuous Year

I also wanted to say that our financial plan has been invaluable during this transition. If it wasn’t for COVID, I wouldn’t have taken a hard look at whether it was time for a career change. If it wasn’t for the financial plan and particularly the retirement scenarios, I wouldn’t know what options would be feasible. Thanks for your continued support. When we started with you who would have predicted the most tumultuous years of our careers and life in general.

– Chris Y.

An Enlightening Experience

We (a married couple) asked Barbara for help in assessing our retirement options, to gauge what was needed to retire comfortably in our lifestyle. Through easy conversations, Barbara got to understand our situation. Her questions made us think carefully about future needs and expectations. Her knowledge and expertise of financial planning and ‘the world of retirement’ brought us a thorough understanding of what to plan for and the preparation necessary to handle any situation. So many considerations we had not thought of previously were brought to our attention. It was a very enlightening experience. Having analyzed our portfolio and given a clear assessment of net worth, Barbara provided many strategic recommendations for retirement that included planning for our lifestyle needs, taxes, insurance, education in investments, critical illness, disability, wills and other estate planning. Barbara’s invaluable help enabled us to make decisions that will provide us with the most benefits in retirement. We learned we could have peace of mind—a huge relief–and could even retire sooner than expected!

Throughout the whole experience, Barbara’s approach was excellent. She demonstrated kindness and understanding when we had little understanding about complicated retirement concepts, and patience in explaining the facts. Out of her desire to ensure we understood everything, Barbara checked regularly throughout the process to see that everything was clear, and she was willing to explain any detail at any time. Her assessments and recommendations were professionally presented in a personal financial plan, which she went through with us to make sure it was clear and addressed every aspect. We continue to use this plan as our guide.

We cannot say enough to express how invaluable our experience with Barbara has been. People like Barbara, who know their field of business, who can speak with the confidence of a genuine expert, who have done their research, who can ably guide a person through issues and considerations, and who provides so much important and insightful information; well, these people are like gold to be treasured. Barbara enables her clients to go forward with peace and confidence.

We remain grateful to Barbara for her important help to us at this critical stage of our lives. With great confidence, we highly recommend Barbara Knoblach for retirement planning. Barbara Knoblach is simply the best.

– Jonathan L, University Professor

Psychological benefits

Thank you for the kind and hospitable way you greeted us, and how much time you spent explaining the plan to my mom and me. Thanks to you her finances are in so much better shape now. Even though we got the great financial assistance that we went to you for, the psychological benefits go beyond anything that I could have anticipated. You calmed our financial anxieties, so it is easier to focus on other important things. I am very grateful and I know my mom is too.

– Dee

Can reach my lofty goals!

I felt out of control and unsure of my financial status and decisions. Barbara took the time to explain things that were unclear and helped me create a consolidated plan accounting for my entire financial picture vs. just the bits and pieces that I was struggling with on my own. The plan makes sense and will be simple to implement. Also exciting that I can actually reach the lofty goals I’ve set for myself. The future I want is within reach! It’s an amazing feeling!

– Wendy S.

Knowledge is priceless

I don’t want to work to age 65 because of the stress of my job and living in Fort McMurray is not a lot of fun. However, I felt as if I didn’t understand as much about my finances as I should have and I didn’t have much of a plan. Barbara gave me the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions with confidence. My financial knowledge has increased so much that I am always aware of my current situation and my future plan, which puts me on the road to success to reach my goals. Early retirement is totally possible while allowing me to enjoy my life throughout. Barbara is amazing in every possible way! I could not say enough good things about her! A++++++

– Ken K.

Feeling Empowered

When we started working with Barbara, we were overwhelmed yet excited to look at our big financial picture. We now have a better understanding of financial strategies and are working towards our long-term goals. Barbara helped us feel empowered and excited about our money.

– Caitlin & Ron B.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

When I first met with Barbara, I felt like I couldn’t keep my head above the water financially, no matter how hard I tried. Now I have savings for emergencies and my credit card is at ZERO. Barbara was excellent! I learned that I need to work smarter, not harder!

– Janine M.

Best Investment I Could Have Ever Made

I distinctly felt out of control and depressed with respect to my finances. My high consumer debt load prevented me from going back to school full time. Now I am debt free and saving tuition for this school year. My money coach was amazing and the best investment I could have ever made.

– Candice M.

Increased Money Control and Net Worth

I felt stressed, out of control, avoiding, and had no idea how to go forward. Now I have a plan and know where my money is going. I have just signed up to continue working with Barbara. This keeps me accountable and ensures I continue to make my finances a priority.

– Kelly R.

Best Decision of My Life.

Before I started working with Barbara, I felt stuck, incurable and financially hopeless. Now I am in control of my money. Hiring Barbara was the best decision of my life.

– Devon

Getting a Better Handle on Finances

While we weren’t in terrible shape, we were also not getting ahead too quickly. We needed help to get a better handle on our finances (savings, budgeting, investing). Now we have goals and a plan in place to meet our goals. The value we receive more than paid for the cost of the money coach.

– Maryanne W.

From Anxious and Out of Control to Having a Plan

Before starting to work with Barbara I felt really anxious and out of control with my spending, and that I didn’t really understand how money “works”. Now my finances have direction and purpose. As opposed to just spending it recklessly, I now have a plan for my money.

– Madeline H.

Really good education

Barbara has provided us with really good education around many financial topics and a very comprehensive review and recommendations for our family’s needs in the short and long term. She is friendly and professional and very patient as she helped us navigate through lots of topics we weren’t sure about. We trust her expertise and recommendations because she is so thorough and of course, because she is an independent planner whose goal is to help solely with our needs. Thank you!

– Annie