Annie Kvick, B.Ed, CFP®

Certified Money Coach | 3-month waitlist

Annie Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Business Owners/Self-Employed
  • Professionals

Annie Specializes in:

  • Financial Planning
  • Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Retirement & Pension Planning
  • Planning through transitions (divorce, loss of spouse/partner, career change)

“The financial decisions we make affect our lifestyle, and our ability to realize our dreams and goals. It’s an honour to provide unbiased, fee-for-service professional financial advice and be my client’s trusted ally, help them make their best choices, get their financial house in order and enhance their financial future.”

Annie’s Style

Annie is known for empowering and educating her clients as they work toward optimizing their finances and becoming financially fit. She creates unique financial plans and retirement plans so her clients can live their best lives with the money they have.

Annie’s Story

Annie’s story begins far from Canada and far from finance. Specifically, it begins in Sweden where she was born. In Sweden she completed a bachelor of education, worked as an elementary school teacher and coached children’s sports. She also married an adventurous husband who, upon the turn of the millennium, lured her to beautiful British Columbia.

Financial management was pivotal to their integration and happiness. They prioritized their spending so they could live the lifestyle they wanted, and successful in their efforts, they proudly became citizens a few years later. Perhaps it was because of this new respect for financial management that Annie serendipitously found herself pursuing a career in the financial services industry. She obtained the Certified Financial Planner designation and worked for eight years as a traditional financial planner selling investments and financial products. Ultimately, however, she realized that she needed to leave the sales environment. She wanted to be able to really help her clients, be on their side and provide unbiased, fee-for-service financial advice.

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Best Money Spent – Bar None!

Annie is amazing. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about what I was getting into (as it isn’t cheap), but the analysis & advice Annie gave was top notch ­bar none. It was worth every penny, and more. Not only did Annie give me some great tips on where I could save/make money, but also with this plan in front of me now, I am sleeping better at night, with more confidence of my future.

Her advice was well thought-out, took into consideration all my needs & clearly laid out a practical path ahead. The best thing is Annie is a great listener and that is clear in the feedback she gave me. I’ve worked with several firms where I’ve had to reiterate my needs again and again, but Annie really listened. And that was really appreciated.

I’m really glad I found Annie and I cannot recommend her more.

– T Herath

Unbiased Financial Advice Needed

My husband and I were looking for unbiased financial advice to help us save for retirement. We found that advice with Annie. She not only helped us reach our long term goals, but helped us with our short term goal of a home purchase. She was readily available by phone or email and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She provided us with a plan that gives us confidence we will be financial secure in our golden years. Thank you Annie!

– Laurie & Jason

Holistic Plan to Reach our Goals

We are very pleased with the help we have received from our Financial Planner, Annie Kvick. Annie has given us an evidence-based plan to achieve goals that we didn’t think were possible. We now feel confident and secure in our financial management and I have been able to retire. Annie is a nice combination of friendly and firm; we enjoy our times with her very much and she is able to firmly direct us when we need it. We like Annie’s focus on empowerment; she has enabled us to put a reliable plan in place, enabling us to live the way we choose. While very competent in the area of financial planning, Annie also takes a holistic approach, asking questions and considering our lifestyle, values and history. This way, she tailors her financial services to fit the larger picture of our lives. We heartily recommend Annie Kvick as a financial planner.

– Jonathan and Lorraine Baylis

By far the best decision we ever made!

Working with Annie is by far the best decision we have ever made! We started this process being extremely skeptical, as we didn’t have any major assets.

We felt that we had things under control and were paying the bills but were uncertain about the future and the steps we needed to take to reach our financial goals like buying a house, saving for the kids education and planning our retirement.

After working with Annie we realize that we were flying blind. The amount of things that we learned throughout the process was beyond our imagination. The entire experience has been eye opening and we have already accomplished so much.

The fees are insignificant compared to the value that we have received from making good financial decisions.

We were absolutely 100% impressed by how the information we provided to Annie was transformed into a concise overview of our current situation and a plan for the future. We were extremely impressed by Annie’s services and would recommend her unreservedly!

– Juliana Fridman-Garner

More Clarity and a Lot Less Stress!

My wife and I recently hired Annie Kvick of Money Coaches Canada to help us with our monthly budgeting and with retirement planning. I’d like to describe what a great job she has done for us.

Our financial situation has a lot of moving parts. It’s the second marriage for my wife and I and we have five children between us; “mine, yours and ours” as we like to say. I work in the financial services industry and have always thought that I could handle everything on my own. The problem is that I did not have a good enough structure for handling everything, and as a result it was difficult to know where the money was going every month. To make matters worse, it was difficult for my wife to understand what was going on.

This complexity also made it difficult to do any retirement planning, or for us to analyze whether we could afford for my wife to stay home with our young daughter.

Annie was the right person for the job. She has strong communication skills and was able to lead us through a discussion on our goals, while listening carefully to us. She took us through a process of four meetings where presented her ideas, gave us time to understand them, and then led us to the next step.

The end result is that we have exactly what I was looking for: A clear monthly budgeting process, a common understanding what we are doing with our money, and a framework for making decisions on our retirement. We have more clarity than I thought was possible, and a lot less stress!

I heartily recommend Annie’s services.

– Neil Schatz, Vancouver

Finally on the Same Page

We have been uncomfortable, and unsure about so many aspects of our financial situation for a long time. Now, we have more control over our finances and can use good strategies to keep track of our money. We have a better handle on things as a couple and my wife and I are finally on the same page with respect to our financial situation and can make better decisions together. Annie has been a huge help.

– Scott

Retirement – Here I Come!

I didn’t realize that retirement could become a reality until I met Annie!

I could not have managed without Annie’s help. Before meeting Annie I was apprehensive about my money and finances. I was uncertain about making any decisions because of my lack of knowledge regarding money matters. I tried to avoid managing money or making a financial plan and I kept on working as I thought I couldn’t afford to retire.

Thanks to Annie I now have been retired for two weeks and I have a comprehensive plan that will help me enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Annie has been very patient and has provided professional information with every step. The greatest part is that I can ask questions without feeling silly. She goes out of her way, above and beyond to help me with my financial concerns.

She has been awesome in taking care of everything and getting the job done. Having Annie’s professional support is a great asset, well beyond the dollar value. I plan to continue working with Annie into the future and have recommended her to family and friends.

– Yasuko A.

Retirement Income Planning

The problem in life is that you do not know what you do not know. I had just received an inheritance and was feeling lots of stress and pressure to invest it wisely. I didn’t have a retirement plan and the uncertainty was weighing on me. I have much more knowledge now and a clear plan to reach my goals. I learned several tax strategies that will make a considerable difference to my net worth and therefore my retirement.

I feel much more relaxed, confident and in control of my finances since I started working with Annie. She listened and everything was tailored towards me. I know I have a retirement plan, a road map and I know I will be able to retire and be OK. It feels great!

Thank you Annie, I know I couldn’t have done all this without you!

– S McKenzie, Burnaby

Retirement Strategies

My wife and I went to Annie for an independent review of our retirement strategy. We had a plan, but were worried it might have flaws we couldn’t see. Of particular concern were how best to prepare in the final work year, and then how to draw down our savings and equity over time. Annie did a thorough review, not just of the plan but our whole financial picture. She was able to find many ways to maximize our retirement income while reducing tax – things we didn’t have the expertise to figure out ourselves. And her analysis gave us complete confidence that retirement was not only possible, but would be safe and comfortable. I’m very glad we chose Annie as our financial planner.

– Terry

Transition Into Retirement – When Can I Retire?

I felt overwhelmed and unsure and even though I made an effort to understand financial concepts, I didn’t feel confident about all the variables that could have a significant impact on my resources in the long term. I needed someone to guide me and help me make good financial decisions, which was going to affect my life for the next 30 years. I feel I received great value as Annie also helped me by breaking down the decisions down into manageable chunks and focusing on the things that needed to be acted on first. I am so glad I hired Annie and it is a great investment to have someone you can trust and rely on with your finances.

– Vickie M. Vancouver

A Guide to Reaching Our Goals

Having a Money Coach is a great investment in your future! I would highly recommend it to everyone. Before we met Annie, we felt stressed and disorganized even though we didn’t have any debt. Retirement was creeping up on us and we needed a plan, a road map to take us from where we were to where we wanted to be with greater ease. Annie guided us every step of the way and now we have the tools and information we need to make better financial decisions and a plan to reach our short, medium and long term goals. It feels great.

– Karen, Vancouver

I Was Looking For a Neutral Financial Planner That I Could Trust

I enjoyed and value my money coaching experience. Annie was able to answer all my questions, provide great advice and referrals where needed.

Prior to working with Annie I did not feel educated about my own financial situation. I was confused by the many organizations offering advice (banks, investment companies, group savings), I felt I only had partial knowledge of the various investment and savings options available. I was unable to find neutral advice and thinking about my finances felt exhausting and frustrating. The financial plan that Annie put together addressed all of my questions and concerns. I have now clarified my financial options and educated myself on the important and fundamentals I need to manage my money on a daily basis. I’ve taken the time to think about future goals and I have an action plan to achieve them.

Annie’s was excellent in all areas; from her financial knowledge and competence to her coaching ability. She was able to guide me through the process while allowing me to make my own decisions where necessary. I am planning to work with Annie annually to review my goals and stay on track.

– Rebecca Holt, Sustainable Building Advisor, Vancouver

In Charge of All Our Finances

Before we started working with Annie we sometimes felt our finances were in charge rather than the other way around. We feel that we have more information, clear step-by-step guidelines to help us be in charge and make informed decisions. We feel much better about reaching our short, medium and long-term goals.

Annie was extremely helpful, professional, patient, and diligent with all of our dealings and without a doubt we would recommend Annie and Money Coaching services to family and friends.

– Kim

Organizing Our Finances for the First Time

Before we started working with Annie we felt confused and reluctant to sort out our finances. She was very patient and sorted out all our finances. We now have all the information we need to make better financial decisions and a plan to help us stay on track and reach our short, medium and long term goals. Having a money coach is of great value and we would really like to recommend Annie to everyone.

– Charlene & Daniel, Vancouver

Working My Way Back From Debt

Managing my money and finances has always been daunting and overwhelming, until I met Annie. Now, I have a solid plan and my financial future is much improved.

Annie was great; I felt she understood my situation and created a clear and easy spending and savings plan for me to follow. Annie’s financial knowledge, advice and her overall ability to coach me through this process was excellent.

It’s really great to know there is a service like this out there. Before, I was just aware of financial planners who are biased and I was never sure if they were working for my best interests or their own. Annie was looking out for what was best for me and I feel great knowing that I will be in a strong position with my future finances.

– Anonymous

Financial Guidance After Separation

Annie has been great! Before meeting her I felt very nervous and unsure as I was coming out a divorce where my husband had been in charge of all financial transactions – and I never liked math to boot! I avoided dealing with everything as much as possible except for balancing my checkbook!

I now feel MUCH more comfortable about my finances – definitely!

Annie helped me get my financial house in order and now I have the action steps needed to stay on track, follow-through and reach my dreams and goals.

Annie’s financial knowledge, ability to answer my questions, advice and coaching skills are excellent. She is someone I would always like to work with and I have already recommended her to friends and family.

– Ali Marie M.

Transition Through Divorce

I felt like I didn’t have any idea about how to manage my money during my marital separation. I hadn’t had control of it for a number of years and the debt was overwhelming. Worrying about my financial situation was keeping me awake at night. I was embarrassed I had allowed the situation to get so bad. I was in tears the day I met my coach.

After working with Annie I feel that I have control, predictability and a spending/savings plan. I have pride in what I have accomplished and know that financially I will be ok. I can’t change the past but the future looks good. I have accumulated enough savings in a short time to deal with any unexpected setbacks in life. I am back on track with my finances and know I can make good decisions to get to my goals.

Annie helped me to understand how to eliminate debt, what steps to take during a marital separation, and what financial goals were realistic for me. I have completed many steps already and I know what to do next. I am sad to finish with Annie but I know that I can do things on my own now.

My time with Annie was more than financial coaching. It felt like support and encouragement at so many levels and she helped me through a difficult transition in my life. After each conversation with Annie, I felt hopeful, proud and more financially safe. Overall, money coaching made the process of separation smoother, less stressful and helped me to see a happier future.

At first, I thought I couldn’t afford the fees and didn’t know what to expect. Because my money coach was flexible on the payment, we worked out what I could manage to pay each month. After a few meetings, I understood more about what to expect. It truly was the best thing I ever did for myself!

I would call Annie in a heartbeat if I have any future financial needs and I have already referred her to a few friends. I have also referred friends and coworkers to the Money Coaches Canada website for their fantastic resources. What I most like is that there is no pressure to purchase a product. The service was purely to support my needs.

– Rita

Personal Trainer

Much like a personal trainer, Annie showed me what I am capable of and gave me a plan with a vision to the future that I can stick to. She helped me discover my needs and desires and gave me the motivation and direction to get results. As a single male emerging from years of debt I often felt overwhelmed and intimidated by all the financial information out there mostly geared towards couples. Annie gave me the confidence, education, and direction to enable my financial well being!

– Jesse