Janet Gray, BA, BAdmin, CFP®, CHS, EPC, CPCA

Money Coach | Ottawa, ON

Janet Specializes in Assisting:Janet Gray Money Coach in Ottawa ON

  • Business Owners/Self-Employed
  • Professionals
  • Pensioned Employees
  • Retirees

Janet Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Business Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Retirement & Pension Planning

“Money is a tool to achieve your goals. By working smarter not harder, you’ll ensure money is never your master.”

Janet’s Style

Janet’s style is warm, calm and reassuring. She believes that every journey is accomplished one step at a time, and that financial decisions should never be based on an emotional response.

Janet’s Story

Janet has always been interested in money management. She was the yearbook treasurer in high school and has been many times a treasurer since. Her career took root in business management and sales, where her aptitude and passion for finance and planning grew. As a retail manager and a regional sales manager with an international consumer goods company, she learned the importance of planning to achieve goals and see results.

In time, her financial interests inspired her to move on. For the next 13 years, she operated a full-service financial planning practice with a large clientele. She worked successfully as a financial planner in the traditional way, until she saw her preference for a more unbiased, coaching style as an option through Money Coaches Canada.

As a money coach, Janet believes in honesty—in serving her clients’ interests by laying all the details bare, the good and the bad. Next, she believes that the relationship is a partnership and works to empower and equip her clients so they can confidently play their part. With this approach and ethic, she proudly coaches her clients in how to live their best lives.


Common sense and practical strategies
With Janet, I was able to make well-informed decisions about my personal finances. Janet was very instrumental in establishing my financial plan and future where her professionalism, in-depth knowledge, objectivity and experiences determined how I can better improve my personal finances through common sense and practical strategies that will support my real estate investment business. Janet is first-rate and invaluable in the financial planning industry.
– Michael, Creative Real Estate Investor

Financial guidance and support
Like most, financial planning wasn’t always on the top of my priority list. As a divorced parent, I often felt I didn’t have any extra money to invest. Janet changed my way of thinking! With her professional advice and attention to detail, always based on my personal situation, she changed my focus and helped change the direction of my financial goals. A straight talker, Janet always took the time to explain what was important and why, and always made time for me regardless of my limited resources. With the help of Janet’s financial guidance and support, today I feel empowered and in way better control of my financial future. I would definitely recommend Janet as a money coach!
– Nancy D.

Taking care of my best interests
I met Janet Gray about two years ago as she was recommended by one of her other clients that I work with. Janet was very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and confident over the phone and I decided to meet with her to discuss my finances. After meeting with Janet I had a much better understanding of my finances and how to move forward with my RRSP’s, savings and overall financial situation. It was my first time meeting her, but it was like talking to an old friend. I felt safe knowing that she was taking care of my best interests and trusted her completely.
– Carlene S.

Possible for me to live my dream
For many years Janet Gray was my financial advisor . As she helped me build my portfolio she also helped me plan for my daughter’s university education. Janet was my closest advisor when I transitioned from a being a CTV News Anchor to launching my own company, Ottawa Media Group. Her personal touch and attention to detail made it possible for me live my dream of running my own company and now we have 18 associates.
– Kimothy W.

Easy to understand, client focused
Janet saved my financial life. She explains everything in easy-to-understand language and helps you to reach your financial goals. Janet has all the best qualities of a professional financial advisor: she’s thoughtful, methodical, empathetic, personable and client focused. I trust Janet’s advice implicitly and would recommend her to anyone looking for a financial coach. She’s the best money coach around!
– Marc B.

Sound and honest professional advice
What we most liked about Janet’s advice is that she provided us with sound and honest professional advice based on our circumstances. At no time did we feel she was trying to “sell us” anything but guidance in managing our financial affairs.
– Dale and Denis L.

Personal and customized
Janet made it all easier for me!!! Her personal approach allowed her to capture the scope of what I was looking for with my finances. She listened to my future plans and customized my plan to meet my financial goals. She always talked with me on MY level and did so with a genuine smile on her face. She always made time for me to meet in person or chat on the phone. And most importantly, she made me confident with my money!!! In my opinion, you would be crazy not to select Janet as your money coach.
– Dale K.

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