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Money Coaches in Conversation – What you should understand about fees and financial advice

Recently Money Coaches Canada co-founder Karin Mizgala sat down with Money Coach Noel D’Souza to discuss the changing landscape of financial advice in Canada. Karin: As someone in the financial industry, it’s very common to be asked by people outside the industry, … Continue reading

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Meet our Money Coach: Annie Kvick

For many Canadians, taking charge of their finances feels like being asked to scale a mountain. They may feel overwhelmed, intimidated, or afraid of making a misstep that sends them tumbling financially backwards. Money Coach Annie Kvick, knows what it … Continue reading

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4 ways to banish your retirement planning fears

By Annie Kvick, BEd, CFP How do you feel when you hear the word retirement? If you are like many Canadians, the word sends pangs of guilt and discomfort through your mind and a fluttery nervous sensation through your stomach. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Findependence Day by Jonathan Chevreau

The editor of MoneySense magazine has written another book called Findependence Day: How to achieve Financial Independence — while you’re still young enough to enjoy it. This time it’s a financial novel telling a story, instead of the usual factual … Continue reading

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