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What to Do with Your Money After Paying Off the Mortgage

By Noel D’Souza, CFP® Director, Communications It has been a long road, but you have finally… FINALLY paid off your mortgage. Congratulations!! Your home is now truly yours. Given the marked rise in interest rates over the last two years … Continue reading

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Make the Most of the Holiday Season

Don’t let this holiday season hurt your financial well being. Stay on track and enjoy the season without the stress of putting your financial future in jeopardy. To help, we’ve assembled our most popular holiday-themed articles in one place. Each … Continue reading

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Money Makeover – High Income Couple Out of Debt and Ready for Retirement

By Christine Williston, B.A., CFP®, Money Coach   Meet Melanie and Brian When I met Melanie and Brian (names have been changed for privacy), Brian was 50 years old and Melanie was 42. Both had high power, high paying corporate … Continue reading

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Five Steps To Begin Your Journey to Financial Independence

By Sheila Walkington, Co-founder and CFO Money Coaches Canada I think most people would answer the question, “Would you like to be financially independent?” with a resounding; “Yes, please!” But in many minds, the idea of financial independence is tied … Continue reading

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Success Story: Louise – A life changing financial turn-around

All information used with the client’s permission. In 2010, Louise  was a single mom with a teenage daughter and another daughter under age 10. She spent her days working with words, writing sales and advertising copy that garnered her great … Continue reading

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Success Story: Robin and James – from knowledge to action

Note: The couple’s names have been changed for privacy. Robin and James were young professionals in their 30’s when they contacted Money Coach Kathryn Mandelcorn. They were frustrated because they made a combined income over $150,000 but they had $45,000 … Continue reading

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Be the architect of your financial future

By Kathryn Mandelcorn, FMA You are not born with a set of values around money. The blueprint for your financial habits and behaviors is drawn by the experiences and significant people in your past and present. The current state of … Continue reading

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Success Story: Devon – learning to be intentional with money changed everything

Devon is a successful photographer and event planner who understands the balance between tracking daily details while not losing sight of the larger project. So when he lost his personal financial footing he recognized the benefit of turning to a professional and contacted Money … Continue reading

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Do you have a debt free date?

Credit is seductive. Credit card companies spend millions of dollars to convince you to borrow their money. They have catchy slogans like: It’s everywhere you want to be. (Visa) There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s … Continue reading

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Success Story: Frank and Alison – finding a way forward and rebuilding trust

(The following story is used by permission and the clients names have been changed for privacy) In 2012 Frank and Alison had a combined income of $175,000 yet found themselves arguing about the purchase of raspberries. When they realized financial … Continue reading

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