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“Maxed Out” – CPP & EI

Clients sometime ask why their take home income increases later in the year when they haven’t received a pay raise. The answer is CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and EI (Employment Insurance) contributions. CPP As Canadians, anyone who earns employment income … Continue reading

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Things to Consider When Deciding When to Take CPP and OAS

By Noel D’Souza, P.Eng, CFP® Introduction You’ve worked long and hard in Canada for years, quite possibly several decades, and now the finish line is in sight. Retirement. That Holy Grail. Just one minor thing: How are you going to … Continue reading

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Should I take CPP at age 60?

By Barbara Knoblach, PhD, CFP® With every changing season or life stage, we tend to reflect and look towards the future. We hold memories close and feel excited about what is to come. Such reflection is an opportunity to pause … Continue reading

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