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Leslie Gardner, CFP®

Certified Money Coach | Vancouver Island & BC Interior

Leslie Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Professionals

Leslie Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre-Retirement Planning

“When you eliminate worries about money, your life becomes your own.”

Leslie’s Style

Leslie makes listening priority one when she begins working with a new client. Through listening she understands not only the financial particulars of their situation, but also their specific pain points (the issues that keep them awake at night): Will I be able to send both kids through University? Can I help my aging parents and still have enough for my retirement? Leslie believes that pain points are very individual and key to creating a plan that clients can be excited about.

Leslie’s Story

Leslie was able to purchase her first home at 19 years-old, because she has always understood that money is a tool to create the life you desire. Her experience in the financial field spans 30 years and includes 13 years in traditional banking and 15 years running her own business as a certified bookkeeper. She became a Money Coach because she saw it as a perfect fit with her passion to inspire and teach people to take control of their money.

Her clients have the education and income that affords them a good life, yet they are often struggling and frustrated. Others just want to be given unbiased information, so they can make confident sound financial decisions now and into the future. For some it’s making a shift in mindset they can go from being tossed around by the whims of life to feeling in control. She knows this because she has lived it; she and her husband have raised two daughters, put them through university, dealt with the needs of aging parents, built homes, started businesses, travelled, enjoyed life and planned for retirement.

Leslie’s favourite aspect of money coaching is what she calls the “Momentum Moment.” It comes after working with clients to get a clear picture of their present situation, then setting goals and making a plan. Suddenly clients see all the possibilities and they become excited and confident.


Having an unbiased plan makes my financial life easier

I contacted Leslie because I wanted an unbiased financial plan prepared. I was unsure if I was spending too much for what I earn and curious when I could realistically look at retiring in the future. By working with Leslie she explained things in plain language and by having a financial plan I feel more comfortable and know I’m on track. I would recommend Leslie & Money Coaches Canada to anyone needing a financial plan.

– M. Grant

Transitioning from ‘Saving’ to ‘Spending’ in Retirement

I was quite overwhelmed trying to sort out the various implications of managing my retirement money. I was going round in circles and didn’t know where to begin.

Leslie basically gave me the language with which to navigate all the complex issues like taxes, RRSPs, LIFs and also how to get the most out of what I have saved.She is not only knowledgeable,she is compassionate and empathetic. Most importantly, she did not try to push me or “sell” me with fancy concepts and jargon beyond my understanding. She also did not rush me and made me feel I could take my time to understand everything during our meetings. I felt Leslie was working with me and for me in my particular life circumstances, and she gave me the confidence to think practically. I would recommend Leslie to others and I would particularly emphasize the importance of talking to someone who does not have a vested interest in where you put your money.

– Sue

Professional Reduces Stress by Having a Plan

Before I started working with Leslie I felt that I was floundering a bit and didn’t have a clear plan for my finances, this made me feel a bit anxious. I now have a clear plan with specific details on how to allocate my money in order to meet my goals. I find the spending and savings plan extremely useful. I found Leslie to be professional, knowledgeable with an excellent overall ability to coach me. I would recommend Leslie.

– Tanya

Great Value for Your Money

Very good value! The fee we paid was minimal vs the huge benefit financially, and the improved relationship with my wife with respect to money! It was so valuable we have paid for our daughter and son in law who have been needing help with their money. I would recommend Leslie to others.

– David L

Parents Want the Best For Their Adult Children

Parents want the best for their children, particularly for a newly married couple who are starting out on their lifetime journey together. Financial advice is difficult to provide, particularly at a distance, and children do not always follow direction. This is where Money Coaches Canada proved to be very effective in providing independent and expert financial advice or coaching. I first contacted Leslie Gardner by e-mail and phone to explain the situation, and we came up with an action plan. Next, my son contacted Leslie to arrange some homework and a series of meetings without parental involvement. As a result, the newlyweds are now on course with budgeting, saving and planning towards financial goals. Everyone is happier and more confident about the future during these uncertain financial times. Thank-you Leslie.

– Mel & Val F.

Having a Plan Makes a Difference

After working with a Money Coach we have a plan in place and are working towards paying off debt and saving more. We were constantly trying to pay off debt without planning for expenses that were bound to come in, so they would go back onto the credit card. It was a vicious cycle. I feel like we can manage our short term goals for now and am looking forward to trying to move towards things that are further out. We have already recommended Leslie to others.

– Ali W.

Having a Plan Helps Alleviate Those Bumps in the Road

Leslie, I want to thank you again for all you did for me-I know you went above and beyond. You made such a difference in my life, financially. For example, there was a bit of a mishap this month…hubby was not able to go back to work until early next month. His incoming funds ended last month, I have been off since our baby was born and my maternity leave money won’t begin payment until next week…but I had enough money saved that we will not have to be relying on credit or go without to survive for 6 weeks with no income. My bucket accounts will be a little drained, but that’s ok…I’m not going into debt :) Thanks again Leslie, I couldn’t have done it without you!

– Anonymous

Reassuring and Empowering

We loved Leslie! She was knowledgeable, professional and a good teacher. There was never any judgement around how we have managed to date which made it easy to relax and learn. There was a lot of useful prep work that helped us to start the process but it was the way that Leslie talked to us about our money that I found reassuring and empowering. I’m much more in control of my finances and am excited about seeing things trending in a more positive direction.

– Shannon & James

Felt More in Control

I felt awful about my finances and didn’t want to discuss them with anyone. Communication with my partner was often strained over finances. After working with Leslie I feel more in control and she made me think twice before making any purchases. I am now more prepared for unexpected expenses because of the bucket accounts and they are starting to fill up! I would recommend Leslie to anyone!

– Ashly H.

No Longer Relying on a Line of Credit

I didn’t know where to start to get it all in order, I really knew I should pay attention but avoided it nonetheless. I knew I was ok, but could do better with my money. Now I don’t rely on the line of credit and I’m confident with how I will handle my money from here on out. We loved dealing with Leslie, she was very good to deal with and made it all very easy.

– Andrew V.

Spouses Working Together

My husband and I would never talk about money, it was embarassing, stressful and lonely dealing with our finances. I hated this feeling and I felt our goals were out of reach. Leslie made it not such a lonely place, we are now both working together and it really did make our relationship richer! My husband and I both know exactly where our money is coming and going and if an emergency comes up we don’t have to rely on credit, we have accounts set up and a plan in place and we have money in them! As for goals we are not only making them, we are achieving them.

– Deanna & Shawn

Skills to Help Our Children

I felt lost, anxious and had trouble sleeping at nights. Leslie helped us communicate with each other better over financial matters and gave us a great tool to help keep on track with our spending and working towards paying down debt. I can see using the skills I learned to help my children take care of their own money too. We would recommend Leslie to anyone looking to gain control of their money.

– Kara & Marty

Talking Openly About Finances

Before we started working with Leslie we were worried about high interest credit cards and we wanted to be able to talk openly with each other about finances. We now work together as a couple and feel we have control of our money and are less worried about money. We see a clear direction and would recommend Leslie to others.

– Michelle & Raymond