Karen Richardson, FPSC Level 1®

Certified Money Coach | Northwestern Ontario and Winnipeg, MB

Karen Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Professionals

Karen Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Education
  • Pre-Retirement Planning

“I love to show people what they can achieve with what they have, and to inspire them to realize their potential to do more!”

Karen’s Style

Karen partners with her clients. She meets them in the present moment of their financial journey, and helps them create a map to where they want to be. Her respect for their personal values and goals creates a relationship of trust, in which they can openly and honestly share their dreams and concerns about their finances.

Karen’s Story

As a child, Karen watched her mother at the kitchen table every Sunday night, paying bills and balancing the cheque book. The idea, that connection to your weekly cash flow, is the foundation of good money management, stayed with Karen. She believes that financial engagement opens the door to so many possibilities.

“People have multiple goals,” says Karen. “They want a great retirement, but before they get there, they may also want to raise a family, start a business, buy a home, or travel.”

Karen is always energized by her hearing her clients’ goals. Her favourite part of money coaching is the moment when her clients feel the weight-of-worry lifted, and become energized too.

She sees financial planning as map building, because a map has options; it allows you to see your destination, but also shows you multiple routes to get there. Karen believes that financial goals can also be achieved in multiple ways. And like a road trip, that may encounter detours, traffic, and car troubles, life may present setbacks or opportunities that require adjustments to your plans. Staying engaged with your money, and being able to see the big picture, makes those adjustments possible.

It’s her positive attitude that draws people to working with Karen, but it’s her warmth and commitment to their success, that keeps her clients coming back. She has worked with many small business owners for several years.

Karen says, “So much changes in a business as it goes from inception to success—cash flow, HST, CPP and more— that I really enjoy being part of the journey.”

Many of Karen’s family clients also consider her part of the journey. She always stresses to families, the importance of teaching children about money, and has many tips and suggestions to share for teaching kids of all ages. As a result, several clients have gifted her services to their children as a University graduation gift.

“What I really want people to understand,” says Karen, “is that money isn’t mysterious. It’s a tool you can master and use to change your life.”

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Retirement Planning

Thanks again for your patience and expertise. I really appreciate having someone to bounce things off and be able to make comfortable decisions in moving forward into retirement.

– Jane

A Weight Had Been Lifted

I wanted to say how great it was to meet you yesterday. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted and I am looking forward to working with you to get my finances in better shape and plan for my future!

– Jen, Kenora


Thank you again for all of your help and support.  You have been an integral part of my “Get Through Divorce Intact” team.

– Crystal

Best Investment We Ever Made

For any of you who may be getting a tax refund and can’t decide how to spend it, I HIGHLY recommend Karen – a truly Awesome Money Coach. Karen’s guidance and support have literally changed our lives and not just financially. Her services are the best investment we’ve made!

– Jessi McEwen


You have made such a difference in my attitude and hope towards finances.

– Chrissy Novak

We Are Now Talking About Our Money, Not Fighting About It

Thank you for taking an objective calculated look at this.  After we get off every call with you, we feel rejuvenated and we appreciate it.  The biggest takeaway as a couple we’re now talking about money and not fighting about money!!! Thanks for everything.

– Dave Peoples

A Friend, Counselor and Support

Karen was much more than a coach, she was friend, counselor and support during some challenging times. She always believed in us, sometimes more than I believed in myself. She became one of the family and built a trusting relationship very quickly. She will remain a life long family friend.

– Jane

Gracious, Humble and Professional

Karen is the most gracious, humble and professional person to work with. She goes well beyond her work to ensure her client feels comfortable and creates an environment of trust. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain better control of their financial future!

– Jane

Karen Has My Entire Family On Track

Karen is amazing and has my entire family on track from finances to record keeping to meal planning. My house is even more organized and my evenings less chaotic because of her support!

– Jessi McEwan

Helping Couples Mediate The Financial Divide

Very very good. Fair prices, good value, and offering a good system that is easy to follow, and takes reality into account. Dealing with money, debt is one thing she is very good at, but Karen is also good at helping couples mediate the financial divide – we know! I would highly recommend her!

– Gerhard Eckhart Gehrmann, Kenora ON