Christine Williston, B.A., FPSC Level 1®

Money Coach | North Vancouver and Squamish, BC

Christine Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Professionals
  • Pensioned Employees

Christine Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Retirement & Pension Planning

“When we start thinking about money, we can stop worrying about it. The goal is happiness—and the first step is a plan.”

Christine’s Style

Christine believes that life needs to be about more than struggling to pay the bills. Her engaging, practical approach helps clients gain a fresh perspective on money. She knows that each small step in the right direction can have a powerful effect on people’s finances and happiness, whatever the starting point.

Christine’s Story

Christine grew up in a large family in New Zealand, with parents who knew the importance of stretching a dollar. Later in life, after meeting her Vancouver-born husband in England, Christine came to Canada where she worked in sales and project management—that is, until she decided to stay at home with her two young children. Living on one income was tight, so remembering her own upbringing, Christine set her mind to learning as much as she could about finances and investing to ensure that the money the family had was being used to its best advantage. While at first this felt like a necessity, soon money management became her passion.

When Christine returned to work to run a family program for a community services society, she again found herself drawn to the intersection of happiness and personal finances. Sometimes she worked with families who, despite their incomes, were financially unprepared for the ups and downs of life, making stressful situations even worse. Sometimes their money worries eclipsed all else, affecting health and relationships.

When Christine learned about Money Coaches Canada, she saw the opportunity to meld her passion for personal finances with her interest in helping families and individuals. She began the process of working toward her professional designation as a financial planner, while training to become a money coach. Now with Money Coaches Canada, Christine truly enjoys guiding her clients along the path to financial peace.

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I never thought saving for retirement would be doable! It is!

Christine went above and beyond to help me get a handle on my finances. My biggest worry was that I wouldn’t be able to save enough for retirement. It seems so doable now and it’s the most important thing to me. She was extremely patient with my questions, and really took the time to get to know my situation. She has a no-nonsense, holistic, clear approach to saving and gave me some excellent advice. Managing my finances is less stressful now and Christine was amazing at helping me get a better handle on my cash flow. I used to put looking at my finances aside because just thinking about it was stressful, but now I look at my finances a lot more regularly to feel that I am on top of things.

– Valeria

I now feel like I can breathe

Wow! We have been so fortunate to meet Christine! I can’t say enough! She really has been amazing! My husband and I had been going through a very difficult time financially. I was emotional, and Christine handled all of the ups and downs of my emotions very well. She took the time to listen, and helped to steer me away from the sensitive pieces and move me towards gaining some clarity around how we could find some solutions. With a “system” now put in place in terms of watching where our money is going, I now feel like I can breathe. We certainly have a ways to go, but I can now clearly track expenditures and make decisions as to how those expenditures may impact lifestyle decisions, etc. It was nice to know that I had someone on our side through this process, and I certainly can say, that I honestly believe that we, as a couple, couldn’t have figured out all of the minutiae that is involved with the spending patterns of a full family! I would highly recommend Christine and her services to anyone who is feeling the weight of debt, or even just because it is important to manage your finances so that you can get the very most out of your money.

– Diane, Greater Vancouver

Lost and overwhelmed to having a clearer picture

When we first started working with Christine we were feeling quite lost and a little overwhelmed with our finances. Christine was kind and she dug deep to find the problem. Now we have a much clearer picture of where the money is coming from and going to and I feel like we know what to do. I would absolutely recommend Christine’s services to friends and family – I can’t imagine getting better value.

– Michael, Langley

Choices – I feel a lot more in control

I was reluctant to become involved with “money coaching” as I was never one to like budgets, etc. When I heard that my wife wanted to attend money coaching sessions, I thought right away that Christine would tell me that I could and couldn’t do this or that with my money. But it wasn’t like that. Christine was not intimidating in the least; she never tried to “tell me what to do”, she just broke down the facts of our past and current spending, and how that might impact our lives and gave me the choice as to what we wanted to do about that. She was really patient with telling us all of the details especially when we were getting frustrated. Through the course of working with her, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I am now liking knowing what my money is and is not doing for me, and I feel a lot more in control.

– B., Coquitlam

We were actually prepared for upcoming costs!

After our first meeting with Christine, I was quite excited to get started putting our finances in order and having a sound plan I could visualize and work with. It was very thorough and forced us to look at things and habits that I had never even considered. I began to see these were things I needed to pay attention to and communicate with my husband about.

Soon I could start to see the system was working, we weren’t spending blindly. We were actually prepared for upcoming costs! That is a very satisfying feeling.

We have now completed our coaching and have gained a lot of education and valuable tools for spending and saving. There is always room for improvement but my husband and I are in a much better place from this experience. Thanks for your patience and expertise Christine!

– Kim