Sabine Lay

Certified Money Coach | Burlington & Surrounding Areas, ON

Sabine Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Professionals
  • Pensioned Employees

Sabine Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Education
  • Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Planning through transitions (divorce, loss of spouse/partner, career change)

“Money does not buy happiness, but having enough reduces stress and allows you to focus on other aspects of your life.”

Sabine’s Style

Sabine’s warm and positive attitude inspires clients to see the possibilities beyond their current situation. She loves working, side by side with her clients, to create a proactive plan that gives their money focus and purpose. For Sabine, helping clients succeed begins by encouraging them to stop worrying about the past, and focus on the future.

Sabine’s Story

Sabine grew up in Germany and spent five years living in England before moving to Canada in 1999. She was working for an international bank when she found herself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the limitations on how she could help her clients.

Now as a Money Coach, Sabine enjoys getting to know her clients and building a relationship built upon trust. The surprise that happens in Money Coaching, she says, is that while we are getting to know each other, the clients end up learning a lot about themselves. That self-knowledge, coupled with a detailed plan of action, often turns out to be the “a ha” moment in their financial journey.

Individuals and couples who sit down with Sabine find that her insight and straightforward approach is just what they need. They can expect her to be supportive, positive and honest. The greatest benefit of working with Sabine is the level of clarity she brings to the situation. Clarity on their current situation in terms of where their money is coming and going, clarity on their financial goals, and clarity on the steps needed to achieve those goals.

“I help clients define what’s important and show them how to make financial decisions based upon those values. I take great joy in streamlining their approach to managing money and eliminating anxiety by adding structure and discipline to their finances. Above all, I love sharing my passion for helping clients improve their financial well-being and getting them excited about what the future holds.”

Sabine works with well-paid professionals, including public-sector employees, who are often very clear on their career goals but less so on the vision for their money. For clients earning a consistent income, she helps them define a purpose for their finances that supports their goals and creates a positive flow between what they need for today and want tomorrow.


This works!!!!

I am 27 and earn a good income, but somehow I was always in overdraft and my credit cards were going up. Now I have a plan and a banking system in place: I know where my money goes, I haven’t been in overdraft for months, I am paying down my debt and I am saving at the same time.

Sabine has really helped me and I am so glad I overcame my hesitation and hired her. She doesn’t judge me, but supports and encourages me.


Line of Credit paid off!!

Sabine, I just wanted to let you know – yesterday, I paid off my Line of Credit!! Very happy about this development, and a full 2 weeks earlier than my goal date. So that’s great.

Thank you again to you for your work with me. We started in October 2014, and I feel much more confident and under control with my finances due to the Money Coach system. I really appreciate it!


Sense of purpose around my money

After my divorce and the shift to living on one income, I didn’t feel in control of my finances, especially since my ex-husband had managed the money during our marriage. Working with Sabine changed that, she answered all my questions and allayed my concerns in a constructive way. My Spending and Savings plan gives me a sense of purpose around my money and I have a much better handle on my finances now. I am able to look at the bigger picture and get my money working for me. I’m still gaining confidence, but I know I’m doing the right things. Sabine was very personable, knowledgeable and accommodating. Her excellent coaching skills helped me throughout the process. I feel much better about my short term goals, and with the help of my new plan, I feel better about medium and long term goals too. I’m sure that if I hadn’t made the decision to hire a Money Coach, I would be experiencing financial difficulty now. I only wish that I’d done it sooner. I definitely recommend Sabine’s Money Coaching services; it was money well spent.

-Carol G.

Providing an unbiased, supportive and educational approach…

Sabine has been such an asset to our lives. We are so grateful to be working with her and we will continue working with her regularly.

We tried for years to find someone to provide the unbiased, supportive and educational approach to our finances, which Sabine has provided to us with patience, knowledge and warmth.

Now, we feel prepared for the unexpected, in control and confident. We finally have someone we can trust for financial advice.

-Denis and Rebecca | Planning for Maternity leave

Savings addict

I am becoming a savings addict – I LOVE spending what I have already saved for! It feels so much better.

-Kristen | Events Manager

My finances were a bit of a mystery to me…

Sabine did an excellent job of coaching me through the whole process. I understand my expenses better and I don’t spend without thinking it through.

I used to spend and feel guilty afterwards because I knew I couldn’t afford it.

My finances were a bit of a mystery to me but now they’re all black and white and organized.

-Shelley | Single mum of 2

An Investment well worth it!

Sabine took us through the Money Coaching process step by step and after 5 months of working with Sabine, we now feel in control of our finances and less stressed. We have a solid, livable plan, we have a fund that is building for emergencies and we can make decisions on the reality of our financial plan.

-Jane | Nurse

We feel more in control and have a much better understanding of where our money is being spent.

Sabine was a pleasure to work with and went beyond her scheduled duties with us. After 5 months of working with Sabine and the “Money Coaching system” we know where our money is being spent and feel in control of our finances. We have more available money and would be able to handle a financial emergency

-John G. | Police Officer

I wish everyone could have a money coach!

Love Sabine! She’s great! I felt very relieved after all of our meetings and since I have trouble making decisions it was wonderful to have her to discuss things.

The coaching Sabine has provided has been invaluable! I wish everyone could have a money coach!

-Lisa | Nurse, transitioning through separation