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Charmaine Huber, B.A., QAFP™

Certified Money Coach | Simcoe County-York Region, Greater Toronto Area, ON

Charmaine Specializes in Assisting:

  • Individuals (including divorced, separated, widowed)
  • Couples and Families
  • Business Owners/Self-Employed
  • Pensioned Employees

Charmaine Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Education
  • Business Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Planning

“The mystery around money is easily unraveled, and doing so opens the door to a world of financial opportunities.”

Charmaine’s Style

Charmaine is action focused. Her straightforward approach to money coaching and financial planning is all about possibilities and options. Charmaine believes that regret is nothing but a drain on energy and motivation. Where you start has little to do with how far you can go – when you have the right financial plan.

Charmaine’s Story

Using the money you have to create the life you want comes naturally to Charmaine. She has pursued financial opportunities to build wealth and secure her future since her university days. In fact, she entered the real estate market even before graduation.

Charmaine didn’t begin her career in finance but found out early on that money was a tool she could use to support her goals. It wasn’t until years later, when she was managing her own portfolio and giving advice to friends and colleagues, that she realized helping others with their money was what she really wanted to do.

Clients often remark on Charmaine’s ability to simplify and demystify the money management process. By helping them understand that NO ONE will ever care about their financial future as much as they do, clients realize the importance of taking charge. Simple habits, such as asking yourself: “do I need this right now?” or “will this decision bring me closer to my goals?” helps to stop mindless, autopilot spending. They also appreciate her “let’s move forward” attitude, which focuses on the future instead of dwelling on the past.

It’s all about creating a plan that starts where you are right now – a plan that puts you in charge. Once you find yourself taking control, your money confidence – and your bank account balance – grows.

Always moving forward herself, Charmaine has hosted a business and money show for 3 years on Rogers TV, taken part in reader “Money Makeovers” for the Toronto Star, contributed her expertise to the Globe & Mail as well as contributed to various financial websites and newsletters.

Charmaine really likes to see her clients succeed, whether they need a cash flow management plan or they are looking to achieve financial freedom.

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No Longer Heading Towards Retirement Without a Plan

Before we started working with our money coach, we felt like we were going through life financially blind – without a plan or road map. It was like we were driving a car with a broken gas gauge and not knowing where we would end up, wondering if we would ever reach our destination.

Thanks to Charmaine, we now have the tools to manage our day-to-day finances without micro managing our spending habits. Previously, we had no clue how and when we could ever retire; now, with Charmaine’s help, we have a realistic view of what retirement will look like and strategies on how to improve the outcome. It’s like someone fixed our fuel gauge!

The fee-only service we received was what was best for OUR situation and better for OUR bottom line, rather than what’s best for the advisor’s bottom line or fulfilling a quota.

Overall, we recommend hiring a money coach as the first step to gaining financial confidence, strategic insight and most important, peace of mind, since they don’t teach financial planning in school. This is relevant whether you are in your 20’s or 50’s, as it’s never too late to have a plan.

– Jeff

No Longer “Winging It” When It Comes to Financial Matters

When we hired Charmaine, we were looking for an unbiased financial expert who could help us ensure that we were getting the maximum return on our investments and that we were well prepared for retirement. After working with Charmaine, we now feel more in control of our finances as we have a detailed plan for savings and various life events. Charmaine helped us recognize and avoid what could have been bad decisions. She was always enthusiastic and she was able to explain key information in an easy to understand manner. She even got my wife engaged in the money conversations – something I have been unable to do!!

– Kevin O.

Best Investment in my Future

When I first talked to Charmaine, I had no idea where I stood financially and didn’t know if I should put money in a TFSA or RRSP. In fact, I didn’t really care much about financial matters but knew that I probably should care. Since working with my money coach I have a structured money plan and I know where all my income goes. I have savings now and don’t need to borrow as I have surplus funds available if needed. Some changes I have made include: debt paid off, enrolled in my employer’s matching pension plan, set up RESPs for my kids, have a TFSA, got proper life insurance and I’m getting my will done. I have been able to reach all my short-term goals and am now working on long-term goals. Working with Charmaine was the best investment in my future!

– Judy Song, Aurora ON

No More Worries About Retirement

Before we started working with our money coach I was worried that we would not have enough saved for retirement. I also wanted to be more efficient with our money and not waste it on unnecessary purchases and expenses.

Now we know where our money is going and we have plugged the holes where our money was escaping on a regular basis. We also know we will be more than ok in retirement.

The best part is that my husband and I are on the same page regarding our money. Charmaine has enabled us to talk about our goals without conflict and she has given us so much insight on how to achieve them and has demonstrated how easily it can be done without having to sacrifice the things that are truly important to us. We can’t thank Charmaine enough for what she has done for us.

– Ms L.

Set up for success

Charmaine was awesome to work with. I asked all types of questions and she always gave the best advice and without judgement! I definitely feel more in control of my money. I am excited to continue this journey with Charmaine and see my progress over a longer period of time.

Before I met with Charmaine, I was intimidated and overwhelmed. I felt like I couldn’t get in control of my money. At first I was hesitant to hire a money coach, but I decided to go for it and it has already paid for itself and will continue to do so my entire life. Knowledge is power.

Working with Charmaine set me up for success. I feel that my relationship with money is definitely more healthy and I am in control.

– TC, Toronto

No longer not knowing where I am going

Before I started working with Charmaine I didn’t know if I could ever own a house or ever retire. I now understand my retirement options, I know what I’m spending my money on, where it’s going and how much I have available to save for the things I want.

I have learned about wills and insurance and when something comes up I don’t have to scramble to find the money because I now have an emergency fund. I understand money much better and every dollar now has a purpose towards things I want to save for. I am confident that I can achieve my short and long term goals.

The value I received for my financial investment was well worth it. I would definitely recommend money coaching services to my friends and family, and I am planning on meeting with my money coach on an annual basis to ensure I am staying on track and working towards my goals.

– Aaron Reynolds

Less Financial stress, more confidence and financial knowledge

We were very stressed out about money when we first started working with our money coach, and I was not thrilled about the prospect of having to go back to work after my year-long maternity leave. After working with Charmaine we are much less stressed out about our finances as we are better able to handle our money and all of our bills are now on autopilot. We are still working towards our future goals as we now have a plan in place and we know that we will be able to reach them. We have become much more aware of our financial situation and we now know what money is coming in and going out, but more importantly we know where it is going. We have learned how to make better money decisions through this coaching program. Charmaine has helped us tremendously and we feel much more comfortable regarding our finances than ever before.

– Christia

On track with our goals, including retirement

We were looking for a way to prioritize our financial goals but we lacked a system and we were overwhelmed and disorganized. We literally didn’t know where to start. Now we don’t even have to think about our finances as everything is automatic and simplified. Not only are we more knowledgeable about our finances after working with Charmaine but she also helped us “find” money within our budget. We feel good about reaching our short and long-term goals including retirement and we feel much more in control, knowledgeable and overall much better about where we stand financially.

– Meghan, Halifax

No more money anxiety and doubts

We were very anxious about our money and always felt that we never had enough. After working with our coach we are not only better able to manage our money but we are also using the money we have more wisely and we can weather unexpected circumstances. Charmaine was amazing. Her knowledge and especially her patience in explaining things and ideas for our financial future was excellent. We absolutely would recommend working with a money coach to friends, family and acquaintances.

– S & L

Digging out of a financial tunnel

When we first started working with our money coach we felt as if we were in a deep tunnel with our finances and had no way out. Charmaine helped us realize that there is a way out and helped us view money differently. We now have control over where our money is going and we feel good about our long-term financial goals. Our biggest take-away is that we are both on the same page with our finances, we are able to talk more easily about money and we no longer feel tense about paying our bills.

– Janice C.

Better Relationship with money and confident to reach our goals

Before working with Charmaine we felt that we did not have control of our cash flow. With the spreadsheet we now have we can see where our money is going and ensure we have money set aside for specific things. We feel much better about our ability to weather unexpected emergencies and our relationship with money is much better. We feel confident about being able to reach our short and long-term goals.

– Dorothy, Retired

Having a clearer picture of our financial future and the possibilities

When we started working with Charmaine we were not sure where our money was going. We were uncertain about our financial future and what is possible. We now have a plan and a better understanding of how successful people manage their money. Putting money aside for unexpected events is a great way to force savings and plan ahead. Our relationship with money is better now as we are thinking more about what we need versus what we want versus what we can afford.

– Chris Schell, Optometrist

Less stress about my finances

Before I started working with Charmaine, I felt devastated about my finances and didn’t know where to turn. Thanks to Charmaine, I now have a plan to have money set aside for emergencies. I also understand how to make better decisions about my finances and my net worth has improved since working with Charmaine. Thank you Charmaine!

– Lisa S., Barrie ON

Money Mondays Feedback

Very interesting and knowledgeable speaker. More people should come!!

– David T.

I know a great deal, yet I learned so much. The discussions got me thinking of my options

– Jan

Goals are always good to review and be reminded of

– Chris

Very informative and educational

– Corrina

Lots of new info – thank you

– Henry

Very educational discussion on wills – lots of information – thank you

– Annonymous