Noel D’Souza, P.Eng, CFP®

Noel D'Souza Money Coach in Toronto ONMoney Coach | Toronto, ON

Specialization: Efficient cash-flow management, long-term planning for individuals and families.

“People aren’t born with specific money habits. Habits are formed, and they can be reformed. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, expect the same result. It’s time to think and act differently!”

Noel’s Style

Noel is friendly and approachable, and helps his clients by dispersing the fog that surrounds much of the financial world. He uses a sensible, easy-to-understand approach that reassures clients they are headed in the right direction.

Noel’s Story

Noel has always been a planner at heart. He has an innate desire to simplify and de-stress other people’s lives—believing that people should get the most from their time and money. As an engineer, he designed and built high-performance computing systems and time-saving software tools, all to make the unmanageable manageable.

Eventually Noel’s attention turned to personal finance, with an increasing interest in making his savings work more efficiently. During the dot-com bubble, Noel had “played around” with stocks and experienced the failure that comes from not having a proper plan. This time he took a more disciplined approach. Devouring personal finance books, magazines and websites one after the other, he searched for the knowledge and tools that would help him grow his family’s savings, while at the same time protecting them from the dangers of the investing world. This independent learning convinced him to take a retirement planning course, but it wouldn’t stop there. Before long, he had completed the entire Certified Financial Planner curriculum and passed the national exam.

Providing unbiased financial advice and putting this power in people’s hands inspires Noel personally and professionally. Now, as a money coach with Money Coaches Canada, he is passionate about helping his clients build a financially secure and comfortable future.


Can’t Thank You Enough for the Guidance You Provided to Us
I feel very comfortable with the direction we are heading with our money and retirement plans and can’t thank you enough for the guidance you provided to us. My main goals were to involve my husband more in our current finances (achieved), set a realistic retirement plan that we agree on (achieved), and begin working together to achieve it (in progress).

Thanks to you we had the difficult conversations about retirement that were causing me many sleepless nights. I appreciate all you have done for us, and I would highly recommend your services to anyone in future.
– Maryann F.

Beyond Grateful for the Plan to Get Ourselves on Track
Before starting to work with a Money Coach, dealing with finances day-to-day was absolutely agonizing and even the smallest decisions about money were incredibly painful.

Working with Noel has definitely helped our family feel more in control of our finances, and consequently, our lives. After getting our finances sorted out amidst a number of other big life changes, we feel like anything is possible.

We feel that the value we received for the services far exceed what we hoped to obtain when we initially signed up. We’re beyond grateful for the plan to get ourselves on track.
– Nick H.

A Plan With Clear Goals is Helping Me to Make Better Day to Day Decisions
I was pretty stressed out and embarrassed about my personal financial situation. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not making any progress.

Noel was fantastic! I really enjoyed working with him. He created a safe environment for me to feel comfortable sharing information about my personal finances – a subject I am almost always uncomfortable talking about!
– C.P., Toronto

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